5 best core exercises - trendingus 5 best core exercises - trendingus

It is very important for us to perform regular exercise. Exercise is very important because it makes us remain fit and healthy. Core exercise helps us gain enough strength and makes our body parts get stronger than regular. To maintain the body weight and to lead a healthy life exercise is very important. There are certain activities which should become a part of your daily routine. They minimize the risk of many harmful diseases. They not only help us in staying healthy but also keeps us physically and mentally fit and stable.  For the proper functioning of some parts of our body, precise movements are required.

Exercise helps us gain stamina and health. It is scientifically proven that performing regular exercise can increase the number of years in a person life. There are some extremely important exercises which may be called as core exercises which can increase the physical and mental strength of a person. This exercise can help us gain enough energy to perform any task which is difficult to perform. Through these core exercises, you can be more active with your work. In total there are five main and essential exercises which act as a base to other exercises which are tough to do. The following exercises must be done daily so that you can remain fit.


#1 Warm-up

5 best core exercises - trendingus

It is very necessary for you to get warmed up before doing any exercise. The warm-up is done so that you can get into the flow of your exercise. The warm-up is necessary because it helps us get ready for the exercises we have already planned. Doing an exercise immediately can cause a random temperature change which can make us sick. So to avoid illness one should warm-up calmly so that he can begin his next exercise.


2- Jogging

5 best core exercises - trendingus

Jogging is an essential exercise to perform daily. The best time to perform a jog is at morning. This activity releases our stress. The movement of our feet in position while jogging can make your legs stronger.


3- Push-ups

5 best core exercises - trendingus

This exercise is performed in a prone position where the lower body parts are raised by using your arms. It is a common calisthenics exercise. In it, one balances his body on his toes and hands and then try to lift the body upwards. Push-ups help in developing the scapular muscles and rotator cuff muscles if performed the right way which contributes in stabilizing the shoulders.



4- Carry weight

5 best core exercises - trendingus

Best Dumbbell Sets can be very important to make your shoulders strong. With carrying weights, you can make your muscles stronger.


5- Pull-ups

5 best core exercises - trendingus

In this exercise you can hang upon a power tower and move your body up and down. This exercise will make you stronger and can increase your height.


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