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Chicago has it all. You’re never far from one of the city’s many parks or museums. And world-class dining experiences (or a slice of the best deep dish pizza!) are always easy to come by in the Windy City. 

Downtown buzzes with entertainment and career opportunities, while the surrounding suburbs offer a high standard of living at an affordable price. But Chicago’s top-rated schools, safe streets, and family activities also make it a great place to bring up your kids.

So, which are the best Chicago neighborhoods for families? Let’s take a look!

Edison Park

With one of the lowest crime rates in all Illinois, families flock to Edison Park for its outstanding safety record. Despite this, the North Side suburb is one of the more affordable areas in Chicago. It’s even possible to find properties with yards and parking here if you’re lucky. 

As for amenities, Edison Park is home to fashion outlets, a range of family-owned dining options, a golf course, and several parks. With plenty of community spirit, you can expect to gather with your neighbors to celebrate Halloween and July 4th. And, with many top-class private and public schools in the area, there are education opportunities for all. 


Most Englewood residents rent their homes. But, if you’re looking for properties for sale in a family-friendly neighborhood in Chicago, Englewood is the place for you! The median house value is way below the national average, making this an ideal suburb for you to set up home in. 

With a population of under 50,000, this South Side neighborhood offers residents a dense suburban environment. Kids will love the many parks, while parents and teens will appreciate the liberal feel of the area and the solid community spirit of its residents. What’s more, with a wealth of top public and private schools nearby, you can be sure your kids will get a great education living in Englewood. 

North Center

Low crime rates, easy access to downtown Chicago, and plenty of amazing schools make North Center perfect for parents and their kids alike. As well as these impressive credentials, North Center is home to several parks, annual summer fests, sports, and art events. And, with a history of attracting a range of European settlers, you’ll also find a wide array of international dining experiences nearby. 

As you might expect from such a prime location, housing here is more expensive than in other Chicago neighborhoods. But, many families see the vast green spaces, friendly neighbors, and entertainment opportunities as being worth the extra mortgage payments. 


Wondering where to live in Chicago? Edgewater might just be the place for you. As its name suggests, this North Side suburb is right on the water, encompassing both Kathy Osterman Beach and Forest Beach. For families, this makes Edgewater a great spot to live during the summer break, while its range of great schools ensures your kids get a top-notch education during term time. 

Edgewater is also one of the ten safest suburbs in Chicago. And, with home prices in the area right on the national average, this is an ideal place to invest in your family’s future. There are ethnic restaurants aplenty in the neighborhood, as well as several historical sites, parks, theaters, and an antique market. 

Lincoln Park 

Lying between the North Branch Canal and the shores of Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park is one of Chicago’s most prestigious and affluent neighborhoods. The area is also home to the city’s biggest park, Lincoln Park, as well as the free zoo and conservatory there, two major museums, and North Avenue Beach.

With all that to offer, you can be sure that you’ll never be without something to keep you occupied during weekends and school breaks. But, there are also many eating establishments, year-round outdoor festivals at the zoo, and a theater. Plus, as you’d expect from one of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Chicago, the schools here are second to none.  


Chicago area neighborhoods for families don’t come much better than Beverly. This South Side neighborhood offers safe streets for kids to play on, warm and welcoming neighbors, top schools, and spacious properties. Housing is a little on the pricier side because of these benefits, but you can be sure of plenty of square footage for your money. 

Beverly also boasts a rich and varied cultural and entertainment landscape. You’ll find a country club, arts center, galleries, several Frank Lloyd Wright houses, restaurants, and shopping. Plus, the area is home to a 60-acre closed-canopy forest preserve and plenty of parks. 


Chicago area neighborhoods for families aren’t all nestled in the suburbs. Living in Streeterville will put you right by downtown’s Magnificent Mile and likely in a tall apartment building. But raising kids in the city gives you all access to in-building services such as gyms, safe community playgrounds, underground parking, and secure living. 

You’ll also have a wealth of cultural and leisure activities on your doorstep, including art installations, the Chicago Children’s Museum, art installations, Ohio Street Beach, and the Lakefront Trail. Streeterville also features eight parks and a range of top private and public schools, as well as plenty of fine dining and kid-friendly restaurants. 

Your Guide to the Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Families 

It’s not hard to see why many people dream of moving to Chicago. 

But, what could be hard is deciding where to set up home in the Windy City when the best Chicago neighborhoods for families all have so much to offer!

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