The benefits of stocking office supplies at home The benefits of stocking office supplies at home

You’ve worked hard to make your workspace the best it can be, and that extends to your supplies as well. Unfortunately, it’s easier than you think to run out of staples like paper clips and pen refills before you have time to replenish them—and when that happens, you risk frustrating coworkers, clients, and customers by missing deadlines or running out of products in the middle of doing business. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: stocking up on Office Choice office supplies at home! 

Are office supplies still handy in this modern-day?

While most of us don’t have to track down paper forms on a daily basis, it’s not uncommon for older people, in particular, to still make use of several office supplies. When it comes to homeowners and renters, however, there are several other reasons why stocking up on certain office supplies is a good idea. 

While you might be used to getting everyday things like pens and notepads from your office supply store near school or work, you may want to consider expanding your horizons. Here are ten benefits that come with having office supplies at home:

1) Save money

If you are looking to save money in your household, having some office supplies on hand can be an easy way to do so. Everyone uses pens and paper from time to time, making it easy to make these things last a long time. If you have high-quality office supplies on hand in your home, you will never have to scramble for a pen or paper at an inconvenient moment. This can help reduce stress and save time as well as money.

2) Save time

If you find yourself constantly looking for office supplies while working from home, or even if you’re just trying to save time by stocking them ahead of time, look no further than Office Choice office supplies. They carry a wide range of supplies for every situation, including coffee makers and Bluetooth speakers, to make your job easier.

3) Reduce stress

If you’re stressed, it might be because you don’t have enough supplies to work with. So, stock up on office supplies and other equipment to make your life easier. When you run out of a crucial item, it could mean an interruption in your productivity and workflow—especially if you only use that one type of ink or paper. 

Some common office supplies that can cause major problems without having a backup include pens, printer ink cartridges, envelopes, and rubber bands. Instead of running out to purchase items as soon as they’re used up, consider stocking up on them so that it’s not a problem later on.

4) No need to drive to the store

One of the greatest benefits of stocking up on office supplies from home is that you no longer have to drive around to different stores looking for what you need. Most office supply stores have an online site where customers can order supplies and have them delivered straight to their door. The convenience of never having to leave your house is huge when you add in gas savings and time savings, not having to worry about finding a parking spot. When it comes down to it, online ordering is actually cheaper than driving around looking for what you need, so it’s a win-win all around!

5) Easier for family members with chronic illness

Having office supplies on hand can be helpful for family members who have chronic illnesses. Not having to track down pencils, paper, tape, and other necessities can help everyone in your home stay organized. Office supplies don’t only benefit people with disabilities; they can also make life easier for anyone who has any sort of debilitating condition, from a bad back to asthma. Be sure to stock up on things like pads, toner, extra batteries, and more so you never run out or forget something when you need it most.

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6) Keep a hard copy of important documents

In general, it’s a good idea to have an extra copy of your most important documents. The easiest way to do that is to keep them on an external hard drive or flash drive that you can easily store in a safe place in your home. You can also scan all necessary documents, make a digital copy, and print those copies. As with anything important, it’s also a good idea to back up any electronically stored information (ESI). If you scan something, be sure to save it both digitally and onto another physical medium like an external hard drive.

7) Plenty of room for storage ideas

Office Choice has an office supply and equipment collection to meet all your needs. Whether you need storage containers, bags, hangers, or anything else you may want. Having an organized home can make it easier to find what you need and when you need it. Furthermore, they can help you stock up on office supplies to help declutter your home with easily-accessible storage ideas. Make sure everything is easy to find by keeping your items in a top-notch storage system!

8) Never be without emergency supplies

It can be frustrating to run out of office supplies during a big project. Imagine working on a spreadsheet and you realize you’re out of printer paper. (Your boss is expecting it.) What do you do? Office Choice makes it easy to stock up on all those office supplies that are hard to find when you need them—like notebooks, envelopes, staplers, and even printer toner and ink! Plus, if there’s something more specific you need for your home office that Office Choice doesn’t carry, we’ll make sure you get it quickly with our same-day delivery service.

9) Lessens the likelihood of being robbed or burglarized

If you’re going to be home for a few days, it’s worth stocking up on office supplies and other household items. By keeping them at home, you lower your risk of being robbed or burglarized. If you don’t want to carry some items around with you all day, consider purchasing a safe that holds your important papers, cash, and valuables until you get home. Be sure to secure these safes properly so they don’t fall into unwanted hands.

10) Always Have What You Need on Hand

Whether you’re working on a project or just need a writing implement, having what you need on hand is one less thing to keep track of and buy. Office Choice office supplies have great prices and can be ordered in bulk, so you can stock up for your home office. A basket or box filled with supplies like paper, ink cartridges, staplers, and sticky notes will not only make you feel like work is always happening at home but also help alleviate stress by giving quick access to these things when they are needed. 

Working from home means being in constant contact with others via e-mail and phone calls, which means that missing something could slow down your progress. Because who wants to waste time waiting for supplies to arrive?


As a business owner, it’s important to be prepared for any situation that comes up, so having items on hand will help make sure you’re ready to face anything that might come your way. With so many different choices and options available today, there are benefits to stocking your office supply cabinet with all sorts of essentials, from paper products and office furniture to computers and cleaning solutions. Whatever you need to get work done or conduct business online, there’s a solution out there—all it takes is a little research and planning!

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