5 Benefits of Local Catering for Your Wedding

When it comes to a wedding, the dinner is often one of the most memorable and talked about parts. That’s why it’s so crucial that you’re 100% satisfied with the company you choose to cater your big day. Hiring a local catering company is a great way to ensure this is the case.

From logistical considerations to emotional connections, there are 101 reasons why hiring someone local just makes sense. Read on to find out five amazing benefits of hiring a local catering company for your wedding day.

1. It Can Be More Cost-Effective

Keeping the costs of your wedding within budget can be a real challenge. You want to have the best day imaginable, but unfortunately, most people are working with at least some sort of monetary constraints.

Choosing a catering company that’s local can be a great way to keep costs down. Many catering companies charge extra for long distances, and this is a cost you can save by going local. Local also often means smaller, and thus less expensive than their larger counterparts.

2. It Makes Them Easier to Keep on Top Of

When you’re doing your best to keep on top of all of the arrangements for your wedding, the last thing you want is to be playing phone tag for weeks on end trying to pin a vendor down. Going with a local company means that you have the ability to go and visit them in person, making communication that much easier.

As well as this, a smaller, local outfit will likely have more time to devote to you than a larger company with many clients in different locations.

3. It Adds That Personal Touch

Aside from the practical elements, there’s also the emotional connection to think of. Imagine: having your wedding catered by the very best restaurant in town, and being able to eat there together again and again for years to come.

You may not have considered the emotional connection you may have to your wedding day dinner, but it’s nice to be able to revisit if you so choose.

4. It’s Important To Support Local 

Supporting local business is a great idea not only for your wedding but as a general idea, as well. It helps to stimulate the local economy.

It’s also good for the environment. A shorter distance to travel will mean your wedding has a smaller carbon footprint. Eating local produce is great for you, the environment, and those who grow or manufacture it.

5. They’re More Likely To Know Your Venue

A local catering company is far more likely to be familiar with your wedding venue than an out-of-town one. The benefits of this should not be underestimated.

Simply put, it will result in fewer mistakes and a more smoothly run evening. When you’re preparing to enjoy your wedding food, the last thing you want to be worried about is the logistics of the appetizers, or whether the waiters have gotten lost somewhere in your venue.

The Many Benefits of Local Catering

If you’ve been wondering whether you should go with local catering for your wedding day, consider this as a sign to say yes. The personal connection, local knowledge, and ease of communication are just some of the reasons this is a great decision to make.

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