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If you and your beloved are discussing getting married, it’s probably tough to imagine ever feeling disconnected from your partner. 

After all, if you’re ready to make such a huge commitment, then you both agree how right you are for each other.

So someone suggesting getting couples counseling before marriage may seem to be coming from left field. 

But premarital counseling is becoming more and more common these days. And for good reasons. Among them are the following:

Building Vital Communication Skills

Solid communication is the foundation for a successful marriage. Without it, all sorts of different personality traits, habits, and beliefs can quickly become fodder for arguments.

Figuring out and safely communicating with a counselor where each of you stands on the bigger issues now is going to make it that much easier in the years to come. You’ll feel more open about discussing with your partner the things that are frustrating or creating resentment.

In addition, you’ll learn how to communicate the equally important positive aspects of your relationship too.

Overcoming Differences

Once you’ve developed communication skills, a professional counselor will help you identify where you have different outlooks on marriage and how to deal with them before you head down the aisle.

For example, how will you spend the holidays each year? Or, how many (if any) children does each of you want? Resolving these differences before you say “I do” will make it easier to handle them once you’re married.

Removing Stigma Around Therapy Later

One of the benefits of couples counseling before marriage is the decreased likelihood that you’ll need it later. But this isn’t a guarantee. Relationships take work. 

Although long-time counselors like Robin Bryant, Ph.D. in New York City are quick to reinforce the idea that there’s absolutely no shame in marriage counseling, the stigma around it is enough to keep couples from seeking it. 

As both of your lives change over the years, there could be a few bumps along the way. If this is the case, you’ll have the advantage of already knowing what to expect. And if you’re able to work with the same counselor again, he or she will already have your back story and know each of you. 

Building a Plan for the Future

When you sit down with a counselor to discuss the expectations each of you has for married life, it’s natural that issues around finances and family planning will arise.

So along with helping couples navigate the emotionally challenging aspects of a relationship, many premarital counselors offer additional services to assist couples in these issues.

Experienced counselors (many of whom are married themselves) are able to show couples how to actively achieve these goals in a productive and healthy way – even as your relationship changes, grows, and evolves.

Couples Counseling Before Marriage Is So Beneficial

If you’re able to partake in couples counseling before marriage, don’t pass up this amazing opportunity. It will enhance your relationship in ways you never imagined and teach you to be the most open and loving partner you can be. 

And in the meantime, keep checking back with our blog for more great tips, advice, and articles on living your best life. 


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