If you are a keen individual, you must have noticed that most runners tend to have some sleeves around their arms every time they are on the road. Sounds unfamiliar? Well, do a simple search on marathon runners, for example, and you will notice that most of them have these compression arm sleeves on. And the funny thing is that these sleeves are not by any means an extension of running clothes.

They are simple standalone garments that are worn independently. Well, there is a reason why athletes prefer to have these arm sleeves, and it’s not because it is a dope fashion statement.

Here are five key benefits to expect from these sleeves every time you run.

Proper Circulation

One of the key benefits of compression arm sleeves is that they enhance blood circulation in your arms. The technology used to make these sleeves is almost similar to the one used to make compression socks. Compression socks are garments prescribed for people with varicose veins.

They are used to help maintain proper blood flow from the heart to the legs. Compression arm sleeves do the same. They ensure that your arms get enough blood, and this helps maintain high energy levels as you cruise down the road.

Maintaining Consistent Body Temperature

Anyone who has ever run outside will tell you that the biggest challenge is coping with temperature. As your body runs, it is burning lots of energy already. This metabolic process generates heat, and that’s why you sweat to cool off.

The last thing you want is to have environmental factors adding up to the heat generated by your body. It would make the running experience unbearable. The compression arm sleeves may, however, help you maintain a consistent and tolerable level of temperature, making sure your run is as comfortable as possible.


Compression arm sleeves may also act as an extra layer of protection for your skin. Running is not always the easiest of things. You will be exposing yourself to the sun and other weather elements. It is also not uncommon for people to fall during a run.

The fall, in most cases, is not serious, and a lot of people manage to escape without any serious injuries. But there will still be some bruising and scratches on your skin. Wearing arm sleeves may reduce the risks of these small injuries in case you fall over.

Faster Recovery

Running for a long time puts a strain on your muscles. Although the leg muscles suffer the most, even the arms work out more than they are used to.

Recovering after a run is, therefore, vital in preventing muscle tears and other injuries. Wearing arm sleeves may make a recovery relatively faster. It reduces the risk of muscle soreness, cramping, and excessive fatigue.

Help Injuries Heal Quicker

In case you have muscle problems on your arms, you may get faster relief by wearing arm sleeves even if you are not running.

This is because the sleeves help enhance blood circulation. More blood means the body’s healing agents are supplied in plenty. This way, recovery becomes faster.

There are so many benefits associated with compression arm sleeves and not just for runners and athletes. Even an average person can reap off the benefits that these garments offer.

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