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Investments can be tricky. This is especially true for those who are new to this realm. However, getting to know the product options available can help ensure you are informed and aware of what is available.

For example, with a stock certificate, you have a physical piece of paper that represents how much of a company you own. The certificate includes how many shares you own when you purchased the shares, an ID number, and sometimes signatures and a corporate seal.

However, owning a company may not be something everyone is interested in, you should consider if stock certificates are right for you. Keep reading to learn about the benefits offered by stock certificates.

Legal Leverage

 With a stock certificate, you have a physical record that can be used for legal issues. If you are ever involved with a dispute regarding who owns the stock, you have physical proof of your ownership.

If you die, your legal team and heirs will have tangible proof of your ownership of that stock. You can also use the stock certificate as collateral to be approved for a loan.

Tangible Evidence of Company Ownership

A stock certificate provides you with tangible evidence that you are part owner of a major corporation. Your stock certificate, after filling out all pertinent information (check this out to learn how), includes all this information.

It is important to note that your stock certificate is not the actual stock. It is a representation and physical proof that you are the owner of stock in a company.

Stock Certificates Are Beautiful

Modern stock certificates are considered works of art by many. You can purchase these, put them in a frame, and hang them in your office or home.

As a business owner, a framed stock certificate will represent a reward for an employee who owns stock in your business, too.

Important Information about Stock Certificates

Your stock certificate needs to include the location and name of the company. It should also include the name of the person who bought the stock, the stock certificate number, the total number of shares, and the date when the stock was issued.

It may also be beneficial to include the stock’s par value. This is the minimum price per share.

Usually, when purchasing a stock certificate, you can choose the price and features that are seen. By customizing the certificate, you have proof of ownership in a business that is nice to look at.

The Upside of Owning a Company

Owning a company is a huge investment and step. While this is true, the stock certificate provides you with tangible proof of this ownership.

Make sure you get this proof if you purchase into a business, both partially and fully.

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