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How Is It Like to Be from a Family with Army Background

Being from a Family with an Army Background sounds so glorious and makes you feel so proud about it. It makes you feel class apart. But, people only tend to look at the ‘Golden’ side of it forgetting that light always leaves a dark shadow.

Getting a news one day that your father/husband/son/brother sacrificed his life for the country.
The world comes to a standstill as the family suffers a mental trauma. But, the family is always prepared to get such a news. The family is always told to keep this dark possibility in their mind, and are always told to stand tall in such times. But, it is easy saying than facing it in reality.

People say army people get a lot of perks and facilities, this is true to an extent. They lead a life different from the most. They have their High Class Lifestyles and their Elite Circles. The bonds are deep between families of colleagues who fight together at the border. They get frequent transfers and the family members get opportunities to explore new places.

(My own uncle got 10 transfers during his service to the Indian Army and their family thoroughly enjoyed it.)

However, it can be difficult to adjust to new places now and then.

But, despite every facility you get, it’s a hard life for both the Server as well as his family. Imagine not seeing your loved one for months because army personnel hardly get any holidays like employees in other services do. The pain is worse when the news arrives that your loved one is no more. It requires a lot of guts and courage to serve one’s country. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

In the end, I would just say that:

‘There’s someone at the border who is having his heart on his hand and a rifle on his shoulder so that you can live a peaceful life. Respect them. Salute them.”

P.S : I was inspired to share this after watching a ‘BeingIndian Originals’ video.

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