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Do you like paint-by-numbers? You will probably live diamond painting, then. When you paint with diamonds, you will use an applicator pen to place sparkling gemstones called diamond drills onto a canvas and create a stunning picture.

The art kit you choose to start diamond painting with is an important one. If you have never done any diamond painting before, then you could end up being put off the hobby by a low-quality art kit. You could buy one that is for advanced users and feel like you are in over your head.

Even experienced diamond painters need to be picky about which art kit they buy. If not, they could buy a kit that is missing important elements or that contains stolen art. Here are a few questions to ask yourself so that you choose the right diamond art painting to start with.

Is This a Picture I Care about?

I think this is probably the first question that informs your decision to choose a painting, whether you realize it or not. We are drawn to art that speaks to us on some level. People who buy diamond art to paint may pick a particular picture because of how beautiful it seems to them or because of the meaning it holds for them personally.

Some people pick a painting because of how simple it looks or because it contains their favorite colors. We are all choosing personal preferences when we pick a diamond painting, and I think that is important to be aware of.

Consider asking yourself before you buy your new art whether you will still like that painting a few months from now. Ask yourself what is drawing you to that particular one you are interested in adding to your shopping cart and whether you might be able to find a better representation of that idea with a different painting.

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Is the Artwork Licensed?

You may not realize that some of the diamond painting art you see advertised online and in stores is actually stolen artwork. Now, no one wants to think of themselves as aiding thieves or contributing to a loss of income for a struggling artist, but that is what happens when people buy unlicensed diamond painting artwork.

There is quite a market for diamond paintings, so it is no wonder that dishonorable people may be trying to sell some of it without properly compensating the original artists. This happens all the time, unfortunately, but you can make sure you have nothing to do with it by taking to the time to make sure you buy only from reputable sources. The diamond painting house or shop you purchase from should have a good reputation and ensure that their art is all licensed before you buy with them.

Is It High Quality?

The best diamond drills are made from tough materials and are designed to last for a long time. Did you know that you can get a lifetime guarantee with some art? It’s true, because the companies that know they are selling high quality materials will proudly stand behind their work and guarantee the products to be of good quality.

Look for guarantees like that before you buy any painting, and also look for indications that you are getting something durable and something that will be shipped on time. How do you determine that without knowing the company very well or without seeing the item physically in hand? You can read some of the customer reviews, to start with.

Customer reviews offer a good indication of the quality of the product and the service on offer. They tell you what kind of reputation the company has, how well made the products are and what you can expect when you buy with that company.

Are the Diamonds Square or Round?

If you are new to diamond painting, you might not think to even consider the shape of the diamonds you are getting, but this is important, so please listen up.

Round diamonds are so easy to use and a great kind of diamond for beginners. They fit in easily and look nice and are easy to work with.

Square diamonds are not as easy to work with and will be tougher to fit in just right. You may have to move them around a few times before you get them to lock in place like they are supposed to. There is less room for error with them, and so that is why they are generally recommended for advanced or experienced diamond painting users.

Diamond kits will have either round or square diamonds included, so pay attention to what you are getting.

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Does It Include Everything I Need?

The final question to ask yourself is whether you are getting everything necessary to complete the project in the kit you are buying. It should contain a canvas and the diamonds, obviously, but it should also have a diamond painting pen and some wax to stick with. The best diamond art kits also include a sorting tray and perhaps some tweezers to help pick up and place diamonds more precisely.

Not every kit comes with all of this stuff, though, and that’s a problem. If you didn’t save all of your tools from the last kit, then how are you going to complete the new painting? Check before you buy to make certain that the kits you are considering have all the times you will need for the picture.

If you have asked yourself all these questions and received satisfactory replies, then you are ready to purchase a diamond painting you will absolutely love! My advice is to buy your kits from trusted diamond painting websites to guarantee your satisfaction, such Diamond Painting House, or Home Craftology.

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