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It’s hard to imagine Jesus signing on to FaceTime to chat with you about your day. Sure, you might video chat with your family or friends, but worshipping online? Does that even work?

The answer is yes! Online worship is a powerful tool, and virtual church services are working better than ever. 

But why choose to worship online? And how can you be sure that virtual services are as effective as in-person ones? Read on to learn more about how virtual church services can be even more helpful than in-person services. 

Reflect and Rewatch

Sometimes, a service resonates so deeply with you that you just want to pause the moment to take it all in. Before virtual church services, this wasn’t an option. But thanks to the internet, you can now pause, rewind, and replay services as many times as you want!

Worship Without Distractions

No matter how focused you are, in-person worship always comes with distractions. Maybe that’s a baby crying in the pew behind you, or someone who’s having a coughing fit a few rows away. 

There’s no shame in being distracted, but it can be really challenging to immerse yourself in worship when there are so many things going on.

With virtual church services, you don’t have to worry about this. It’s like you’re the only person in the whole congregation!

Interact with Others

Now, that’s not to say that you can’t still interact with others in a virtual church service. Many live streams have live comments sections where you can see what others are saying, or say something yourself!

One of the cornerstones of Christian worship is gathering with your faith community. In times where it’s not safe to do so, being able to watch a live stream along with your community can still give you the same sense of togetherness as in-person worship. 

Travel Time 

Chances are that travel time plays a serious role in where you decide to worship. Even if you like the church across town better, you might choose to attend service down the street instead, just for convenience’s sake – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

With virtual services, though, you can choose from a huge variety of church websites and preachers without having to leave your home. It gives you a chance to explore different churches, pastors, preachers, and priests so you can learn more about what types of sermons speak to you most.

Give Yourself a Faith Routine

In times as stressful as these, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks. Whether that’s exercise, cleaning, or praying, it happens to the best of us. 

One of the best ways to fight off quarantine brain is by establishing a routine and sticking to it. Usually, that applies to things like sleep, work, and exercise, but it’s just as important to keep up your faith routine as well! If you do, you’ll find yourself more invigorated and more connected to God. 

Virtual Church Service: Worth it?

Virtual church service is a relatively new idea, and many are hesitant to give it a try. But online worship can be just as enriching as in-person service, if not more so. 

Virtual church services are the perfect chance for you to strengthen your faith, even in times of adversity and strife. So, the next time you dread getting ready for church on Sunday morning, remind yourself that you can attend service in the comfort of your own home and get just as much out of it!

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