New fitness trend aqua cycling New fitness trend aqua cycling

There is a new, and quite fun, fitness trend in town — aqua cycling. Maintaining health and fitness has increasingly gained popularity, with more people exploring various ways of exercising. If you are familiar with indoor cycling on a stationary bike or spin bike and understand their awesome benefits, then you should try aqua cycling. Aqua cycling combines the health benefits of cycling with those of water, and the cool and fun nature of water.

Aqua cycling has gained traction as an exercise that delivers maximum health benefits for minimum pain. The health benefits of exercising in water are attracting more people to aqua cycling. An underwater cycling workout is great low-impact exercise that anyone can do if you have the right equipment.

What is Aqua Cycling?

Aqua cycling, also known as underwater spinning or underwater cycling, is a water-based exercise using a purpose-built hydro-spin bike known as an Aqua Bike or Hydrorider. The Aqua Bike is submerged in 1.2 – 1.6 m of water. You just sit on the bike, slip your feet into the pedal cages and you start pedalling.

The Aqua Bike features a four-paddle flywheel that offers smooth, gradual changes in resistance while increasing cycling speed. It has the largest paddle available in the market for the greatest resistance underwater.

Underwater aqua cycling workouts are low-impact exercises that are highly efficient and effective in burning body fat and calories as it strengthens your upper body including the lungs, heart, core muscles, and the lower body muscles.

The buoyance of the water helps protect your muscles and tendons from micro-tears and micro-injuries that are common when exercising on land.

During an aqua cycling session, the constant movement of your body boosts your heart rate and can burn up to 800 calories per hour. The water’s pressure massages your muscles to help in the stimulation of blood flow and help your body heal. The result? A holistic workout that leaves you feeling toned, fitter, tighter—not terribly sore—and relaxed.

If you don’t have an aqua cycling class near you, it can be done at home in your home pool. You just have to purchase and aqua bike and consult a professional before beginning your aqua cycling journey.

Benefits of Aqua Cycling

Here are some reasons why aqua cycling is great for your health and fitness and why it has become so popular:

A fun workout

The resistance in the water makes aqua cycling more challenging and fun than just cycling on land.

Being in the water can also automatically boost your mood, and you enjoy the high-intensity workout. Moreover, you can join an aqua cycling class with a dynamic group, which can make the experience even more fun.

Higher calorie burn

Underwater cycling can also help you burn up to 800 kcal in an hour. This is the result of the high resistance of water that forces the body to work harder when moving. It is an excellent workout for those who are aiming to lose weight.

Improves cardiovascular health and builds endurance 

When you’re cycling in the water, you can exercise at a higher intensity at a lower heart rate due to the water’s temperature. Thus, it improves your cardiovascular health.

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It helps improve circulatory function

It strengthens your heart muscles, lowers your resting pulse rate, and reduces fat deposits in the bloodstream. Additionally, it can help prevent muscle fatigue.

Improves muscle strength and coordination

Aqua cycling is a cardio-strength workout that makes your muscles stronger as you pedal in water. Additionally, aqua cycling helps in improving your coordination by letting your muscles work together.

Helps tone the muscles

Aqua cycling is a whole-body workout that targets all of the major muscle groups. It can help tone your leg, back, quadriceps, glutes, and core muscles, as well as strengthen your hamstrings.

It is kind on the muscles and joints

If you are experiencing sore muscles, usually after working out, you will feel safer if you cycle in water. The water’s buoyancy supports your body weight, which puts less pressure on your joints and muscles as you enjoy an intense workout. Aqua cycling protects your muscles and tendons from micro-tears that cause soreness after working out as well as long-term damage to the muscles and joints.

It is a useful rehabilitative and recovery exercise

Aqua cycling serves as rehabilitative exercise since it puts less strain on the joints, muscles, and the bones with the help of the water’s buoyancy. Aqua cycling is also suitable for individuals who are recovering from injury, surgery, or with limited mobility.

It is also beneficial to the elderly, pregnant women, or individuals with muscular, joint, or weight issues. Aqua bike workouts can also be a good exercise for osteoporosis.

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It helps to reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep

Exercising generally improves sleep quality, eliminates tension, and reduces stress. Aqua cycling is a high-intensity exercise that requires you to expend a lot of energy, leaving you feeling more tired at night. This way, you will fall asleep faster and spend more time in deep sleep.

Aqua cycling also helps you relax the mind, which significantly reduces your stress and anxiety.

Try Aqua Cycling

The health benefits and fun nature of aqua cycling have made it a popular fitness activity today.

To engage in aqua cycling safely and in the most beneficial way, consult a professional such as Water Resist. Water Resist are water fitness professionals with extensive experience and they will help you get start your aqua cycling journey to meet your fitness goals.

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