Affordable travel tips for student travellers Affordable travel tips for student travellers

Travelling is great but making sure one is fully equipped, protected and safe is more essential, more so than ever. From booking  tickets to fixing hotel rooms and everything else, is always better to plan priorly to ensure maximum savings. Currently the Expedia coupon is rendering an astounding 50% rebate on all bookings. So, if you want to be safe and travel under your account, then you can plan your travel via Expedia India where you can design according to your budget. Some of the tips following which students can plan trips within your account are mentioned as follows:

Booking your ticket in advance:

You all know that if you buy your travel ticket two or three months before travelling, then you will get the access at a comparatively lower price than what you will get when you book on a day or two before your trip. So booking your air ticket in advance will save a lot of money and thus bring your expenditure low under your budget if you book your travel ticket earlier. You must book both travelling and returning tickets as per your plan and returning date as doing this; you can save a lot and travel on a right amount. However, if you book your ticket to plan your journey from booking.com and all then you need not worry about all these, you need to make your payment and finalise your trip and they will do the booking at a good time.

Out of season travel:

It is noticed that at a certain period, the travel expenditure is comparatively cheaper and the rates of travel tickets are also quite less, these seasons are called off-season travel. During the time of off season you will get good discounts on every platform including travel and all. Moreover, the platforms like Booking.com and all also provide travel discounts to students. Hence you can make use of this out of season travel and travel within your budget and save a lot.


It is noticed that most of your money gets wasted as you opt for hotels and restaurants which costs you high. So instead of choosing accommodation of high rate, if you select a hotel from comparatively low rate or even if your relative stays at that place and you stay at their residence, then you can do the maximum saving and thus your travel things under budget. Hence a good and low cost accommodation plays a major role in keeping you traveling under your budget.

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Plan your trip properly:

Why planning is important:

One needs a perfect plan and a complete list of places that you will do in your trip and where you will visit dinner, and you also need to analyse the budget accordingly. If you plan for every day you will visit which place and accordingly list it out then this will ensure that you have not missed out something. You can also go for planning by dividing each hour of the day of your trip and plan accordingly. For your plan to execute things, listing the important places to visit on a paper and estimating how much it will cost you to visit and what are the extra expenses that you will accommodate while visiting the place  becomes very important in order to bring things under budget.

How to plan your trips:

To do all these things you need to plan your trip in a week or a month before. Figuring out things earlier will also reduce your burden of doing things at the last minute. You can visit places where you have planned earlier on different days of your trip as doing this will ensure that you have not missed out any exciting place. Planning your trip will cut short your budget up to a large extent, and you get an estimate of how much you are going to pay. If you visit a place via Booking.com and Priceline, your trips will be properly planned and hence you do not need any further planning.

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Making a rough budget of your trip:

According to your expenses and the amount of money you have and how much you are willing to spend, you can make your budget for buying necessary things for your trip.

To do this first figure out in a list format what to purchase in your trip and how much you will eat and whatever extra thing that you will probably do in your trip and then make a rough budget of how much things cost. Doing this will prevent you from doing extra expenses and also avoid buying unnecessary items and hence you save money by not purchasing that unwanted and extra product and saving money.

Various online platforms like Booking.com and Priceline and all are available which take your money for the trip in advance and thus you do not need to make your budget for your trip and you only need to make the budget for your own extra expenses like shopping and all.

So students must plan their trips keeping in mind the above tips in order to make their trips in budget. If you follow the above instructions and tips properly then you will make great savings on your trips and hence be offered a good value for visiting a good place. Moreover, if you use various coupons while purchasing things essential for your trips before and within your journey, then also you will make a good net saving on your travel trip.

Generally students don’t have much idea of expanding and many times they pay more and hence money is wasted and things get out of your budget. So if students plan your travel trip via Booking.com, Priceline and other such websites, then also you will make good savings. Anyway have a happy and safe journey ahead.

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