A List of the Different Types of Senior Living Facilities

Did you know that over half of those who are 65 years old will end up in long-term care at some point? And this doesn’t even include the people who will need some basic assisted living services.

You may be looking for yourself or a loved one. In either case, knowing your options for senior care facilities can give you peace of mind that you can get the care you need. It also helps you know the right kind of facility that you can afford.

You might most often picture nursing homes that provide all-day care. However, senior facilities also include places that allow you to live independently or with a little help.

Read on to learn about four types of senior living facilities and what they can offer.

Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities can work well for those who can still handle daily living tasks on their own. At the same time, they help those who want a community that will help with daily chores. The format can range from apartments for residents to standard retirement homes. 

Independent living communities tend to be one of the least expensive types of senior facilities. This is since they don’t provide medical assistance.

Seniors in these communities benefit from group outings, opportunities to socialize, and a less stressful living environment.

Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities are another option suitable for relatively independent senior citizens. However, they differ somewhat from independent living communities. In addition to just helping with chores, the staff will assist with personal care tasks and medication management. 

These facilities cost more than independent living communities for this extra care. They also provide recreation and socialization opportunities along with transportation services so that residents can get around in the local community.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

At some point, senior citizens may need around-the-clock medical and personal care. That’s when skilled nursing facilities can provide the necessary support. These facilities can assist with severe mental or physical health issues and provide all daily care necessary. 

Skilled nursing facilities have doctors and nurses for helping with medical emergencies and monitoring residents. Some places even have a separate section for people with dementia. This unit is designed to provide a safer, controlled environment for these residents.

 These facilities tend to have a very high cost. However, Medicaid and Medicare skilled nursing coverage can help with the costs for those who qualify.

Continuous Care Retirement Communities

Continuous care retirement communities provide multiple levels of care under one roof. This typically includes independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care areas.

So, this is a good option for senior citizens who wish to age in a single place that will meet their needs. It can also provide a sense of familiarity and comfort to residents.

Seniors who can still live independently may start out in a condo or apartment with some basic help with chores. When they start to need some help with personal care and medications, they can simply move to the assisted living area. The skilled nursing area will be available should they need 24/7 care.

Prices for these senior care facilities depend on the contract type and the requirement of any entrance fee. Some contacts only cover certain health services, while others are all-inclusive. You can use a continuing care retirement communities directory to find some options.

Consider These Types of Senior Living Facilities

Now that you know the types of senior living facilities available, try researching some local options. You may also find it helpful to visit their websites and read reviews. You can expect to find valuable information on what each facility looks like, which features it offers, and how much you may have to pay.

When you find a facility that may work for you or your loved one, ask to schedule a tour. This will allow you to get a look at what life there looks like. You can also ask any questions about payment options.

Be sure to check back for more posts that can make your life easier.

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