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More than half of attendees to trade shows travel over 400 miles to attend. When so many people put in that much effort, you know they’re hoping to find something special.

Follow these trade show tips so you can be the one to help attendees find what they’re looking for. 

1. Identify Each Micro Engagement

A successful sale or networking opportunity is made up out of several key decisions on the part of your customer or future partner.

They have to decide to visit your booth stand. They have to decide to engage with it somehow. Finally, they have to decide to sign up for what you offer.

Identify each decision a trade show attendee needs to make, and use display stand ideas that propel attendees through each one.

2. Make Your First Impression Count

When someone first checks out your vendor booth display ideas, they either want to see more or they walk away. Try to make something that catches the eye, creates a mystery, or offers a solution they might be looking for.

3. Prepare Quality Materials

When someone gets to your booth, your tabling ideas have to make them want to learn more. Prepare quality, professional materials that show that you put work into your projects and have something of value to offer.

4. Design a Pitch

Instead of waiting for the attendee to ask about your business, why not prepare a pitch for them? Ask a question or prepare an activity to warm people up when they come to your booth.

5. Have Something for People to Remember You

Whether it be wrist bands or business cards, people need something to remember their time with you. Make sure to include contact info so they can get in touch with you later.

6. Work With Brands You Share Your Market With

Identify non-competitor booths that target the same market you do. By offering to share your leads with them, you can get leads from them in return.

7. Coordinate With Your Associates

Talk through your game plan with your partners or employees before you start. Make sure everyone understands how they can help push attendees to engage with your brand.

8. Pay Attention to Your Visitors

A little small talk and warmth can help visitors connect with your brand. Find out what’s unique about them that your brand can appeal to.

9. Follow Up

Great trade show display ideas aren’t worth much if you don’t follow up after you meet people. Make sure to follow up within the next couple of days while people still remember you.

Working with quality event marketing agencies is a great way to get the most out of your events. An efficient marketing plan can help you accomplish in one event what might otherwise take many events.

The Best Trade Show Tips to Make Your Show a Success

We hope you found something helpful in this review of 9 trade show tips. Learning from the experience and wisdom of experienced trade show veterans is the fastest way to take your game to the next level.

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