8 Totally Unique Sports Gifts for Your Sports Fanatic Partner

Each NFL game has an average viewership of 17.9 million, which shows the extent of obsession with games.

Sports gifts are a great idea for partners who spend countless hours flipping through the sports channel. For sports lovers, the gift ideas are innumerable, and you should choose one that resonates with your partner.

The variety of sports gifts makes one choose an ideal gift effortlessly for your sports fanatic partner. Here is a list of 8 unique sports ideas that your partner will love.

1. A Sports Photo Book

The photo book is an awesome book that displays pictures of the great sportsperson and other interesting sporting events.

If your partner is a fan of athletics, then the pictures are ideal to show the prowess of the athletes. Having the photo book on the coffee table will make him feel like a hero.

2. Sport Hat

The cold weather knitted hat has a fleece lining that will keep you warm and make you look modish. Your partner will enjoy this hat as she cheers her favorite team. The hat is part of the NFL attire and it will make her feel like a real fan.

3. Vintage Cufflinks

The club-themed cufflinks are a dapper gift that your partner will love.

If he loves Chicago Bears, then the themed cufflinks will be a constant reminder of the Super Bowl Shuffle. The cufflinks can be customized to the specific sports your partner cherish.

4. The Madden Series Sports Gifts

For football lovers, Madden series is a video games collections that would be an ideal unique sports gift and an exciting leisure activity. The video game has great features and graphics that your partner will enjoy. If he loves NFL, look no further – the games will keep him occupied.

5. Trophies and Medals

Trophies come in unique designs that can make an outstanding sports gift for your sports fanatic partner. Trophies Plus Medals have a wide variety of customized trophies and medals. You can choose a design that depicts your partner’s interests.

6. StubHub Gift Card

A ticket to her favorite game is one of the best gift ideas for a sports fan. StubHub and other sites have a variety of tickets to choose from based on the game you want to watch. You can buy two tickets and join them in cheering for their favorite team.

7. Club Full-Snap Jacket

The NBA stylish jacket is not only a great sport-themed gift, but it is also an eccentric piece to add to one’s wardrobe. The jacket can be for him or her and it comes with unique colors. Surprise him with the jacket as he looks forward to cheering his team in any of the upcoming games.

8. The Adidas Jabulani Soccer Ball

Gifts for the sports fanatics should bring about memorable events. For the soccer fan, the Adidas Jabulani is a ball that caused controversy during the FIFA Worl Cup in 2012. The ball dives unpredictably and its high cost should not deter you from getting the authentic version.

Sports Gifts Don’t Have to Be Expensive

When choosing sports gifts, get to know your partner’s favorite sport and team. You can go for sports gear or an item that has a sports theme. Whatever you choose, make sure that your partner can use or wear it proudly.

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