8 Relaxing Activities for Couples After a Hard Work Week

Stress is no joke, and 33% of Americans say they frequently experience extreme stress.

Work, family obligations, media overload, poor nutrition, and sleep deprivation are all leading causes of daily stress. Plus, we’re not doing ourselves any favors with our 40-hour work weeks.

This stress, combined with the pressure to make your partner happy, can put a real strain on a relationship.

As a couple, how do you cope?

It’s important to find ways to unwind, together and apart. Keep reading to discover some relaxing activities for couples that will take your stress level down a notch.

8 Relaxing Activities for Couples

Finding ways to de-stress with your partner doesn’t have to be stressful in itself!

Here are 8 ways to find peace while spending time with your favorite person.

1. Go to a Comedy Club

You know the saying: laughter is the best medicine. It’s true!

Laughter boosts your metabolism, burns calories, and triggers positive endorphins. A visit to a comedy club will release the hormones you need to feel better about yourself. You and your partner both need positive self-esteem to be happy as a couple.

2. Try Something for the First Time

Not only can trying something for the first time be fun, but it is also super rewarding.

It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t have to be something extreme like skydiving or base jumping. Start simple and learn a new dance or take an exercise class together.

When you have a good first experience, you raise your self-esteem. It reinforces the idea of feeling accomplished in your community and among your peer group. Share that accomplished feeling with your partner!

5. Go Camping

Feel one with nature by camping in a remote location.

Camping is one of the most relaxing activities for couples because it’s just the two of you in nature. Without the distraction of screens, city noises, and other people, you can connect in a more intimate way than usual.

6. Spend a Day in Bed

Don’t feel pressured to do anything at all. If your partner is stressed, sometimes all they need is to physically and mentally relax by spending the day in bed.

This can also be especially intimate if you plan to join them. Think breakfast in bed, morning cuddles, and romantic movies.

7. Drop Off the Grid

We’re constantly bombarded with images, notifications, messages, and videos. Did you know that this actually increases your stress level?

Experiment with your partner by unplugging for the weekend. You will be surprised how much more relaxed you will feel.

8. Meditate

You are probably familiar with the benefits of meditation, but have you tried it with your partner?

Meditation creates a positive mindset. It gives you the mindfulness required to face conflict, solve problems, and promotes peace from within.

Meditating together will create harmony in your relationship.

9. Dance

Dancing releases endorphins, creating a positive feeling in your body. Try taking a salsa class. Or combine fun and exercise and try Zumba.

You’ll burn calories while laughing, which is bound to make you feel better.

Plus, dancing will help you feel closer to your partner. It is an intimate activity that is meant to be enjoyed with someone else.

Put it Into Practice

Now it’s time to try a few of these relaxing activities for couples.

Whichever way you decide to relax with your partner, make sure to switch it up and try something different each time.

Have experiences to share or advice for other couples. Leave us a comment below and let us know how you unwind!

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