7 Ways to Help the Environment in Your Community This Summer

Are you pro-environmental sustainability? Probably, if you like the earth and breathing. So, what are you doing to help the environment in your community? There are plenty of things we can do as citizens and good stewards to help the environment where we live, from picking up garbage to changing our mode of transportation.

If you’re at a loss for how you can start helping the environment today, then you’re in luck. We have a list that will point in a good starting direction.

 Ride Your Bike

 If you live close enough to your workplace, church, the grocery store, friend’s house, then ride your bike! Cut down some of the fuel emissions and produce healthy air. Riding a bike will not only help better the air, but it will help you stay in good health as well. Win-win!

 Choose Paper or Bagless

 When you go shopping, opt for paper bags (which can be recycled), re-usable bags, or no bags at all. Avoid plastic bags at all costs. In fact, many places have started to outlaw plastic bags in their stores and paper bags are the only option, at a cost. Plastic is filling up the landfills and oceans, so it would be better to just stop producing it all together, or to find a more sustainable plastic to produce. BioLogiQ.com might be on the right track for that.

 Plant Trees

 Do you own your property? Try planting some trees on it if you do. Trees will help produce much-need oxygen for breathable air, and they can be a lovely addition to your home as well.

You can also get involved in community re-planting projects, especially if you live in a logging community. If your town doesn’t have any foreseeable plans to replant trees, see if you can get a project started. What a great legacy to leave on your little community!


Keep track of your garbage, and learn which things can and cannot be recycled. You might be surprised to see how much recyclable items your throw away every single day. Get a recycling bin and start separating recyclable items from your garbage.

Limit Food Waste

A simple meal plan can go a long way in helping you to eliminate food waste in your household. When you plan out your meals and the amounts of food you need, then you tend not to throw away as much leftovers (or any) as you would otherwise. A great meal-planning app to try is Mealime.


On the other side of the food waste agenda, if you are finding a lot of food being wasted or going unused by the end of the week, start a compost bin. You can add fruit and veggie scraps and rotten produce to your compost bin and use it to benefit your own garden, or a community garden if you don’t have one.

Buy Local

 Support and sustain your community by shopping from local farmers. If there’s a local farmer’s market, get all of your in-season produce from them. This helps them sustain their farms and the economy in your community. It’s likely that these fresh foods are much better for you too. So make it back often!

There is so much more that you can do to help the environment in your community, but don’t try it all at once. Take one step at a time, and start changing your habits for the better.

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