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Around 80 million Americans are experiencing hair loss at any one time.

Sometimes, this is a temporary condition brought on by stress, illness, or hormonal imbalances. In other cases, thinning hair is genetic—and therefore unavoidable.

Of course, you might not be losing your hair; it might just be fine and flat. And it can sometimes feel like you’re losing it if your hair is naturally thin and you’re bereft of styling tips.

If you’re tired of your hair looking like it’s plastered to your head, there are solutions available. Read on for some simple, affordable tricks you can start immediately.

1. Use a Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to styling options for fine hair, the first place to start is by looking at your shampoo and conditioner.

Thin hair gets weighed down quickly and can be drier, so look for brands with “lightweight” and “volumizing” on the label. Make sure you see “moisturizing” on there somewhere, too.

First, apply the shampoo. Try to find a clarifying shampoo to help eliminate any product or natural oil build-up.

Next, it’s time to condition your hair. When applying conditioner, never rub it into your hair. Instead, scrunch it gently through your hair.

And remember, always apply conditioner from the middle to the end of the strands. Never at the scalp.

2. Brush and Blow-Dry Gently

Many people are far too rough on their hair. While thicker hair can handle some roughing up, thin hair gets damaged more quickly. Just as we recommend scrunching your hair during conditioning, you must go gentle with the brush.

When blow-drying your hair, run your hands through your strands instead of using a brush. This distributes more air into your hair, resulting in more volume. Use a large, round brush only right at the end of the process.

If you want to add even more volume to your freshly dried locks, use a hair volumizer tool. Exploring cut options for thin hair with your hairdresser can help, too!

3. Activate Your Products

Some people with thin hair are scared of the blow dryer. They think it causes everything from frizz to split ends. However, it’s actually the opposite—so long as you use the blow dryer with the right products.

The air and heat activate most volumizing products; this is how you add volume.

If you’re worried about damaging your hair while blow drying, use our brush trick outlined above and choose a volumizing product to protect the hair from heat.

And don’t expect a perfectly polished, salon-level blowout. You’re working with tools you have at home, after all!

4. Embrace Mousse

Those with thin hair need to channel their inner 80s pop star and embrace mousse!

Sure, it was once a staple for those with fluffy perms, but today’s mousse products are far different from their 1980s counterparts. The formulas made today are perfect for fine hair. They are formulated to hydrate and lightly hold the hair in place.

To use mousse:

  • Make sure your hair is wet
  • Get a comb
  • Squeeze a small dollop of mousse into your palm
  • Comb the product through your hair—from the scalp to the ends

You only need a light application of the product to achieve a bouncy, volumizing hold.

5. Experiment With New Products

Now that you’ve got over your fear of mousse, It’s time to get creative with other products and expand your hair care arsenal.

Using hair spray offers many more style options for people with thin hair. It can help add texture and grit, increase strand thickness (or, at least, the appearance of it), and provide that much-needed hold. Look for a product with “lightweight root lift” on the label.

Other products to try include a dry shampoo (more on that later), a pomade, sea-salt spray, and thickening spray. Experiment with each to see which you like and what occasions and weather they’re helpful for.

6. Use Dry Shampoo

If you’re looking for more volume, you need to keep the greasiness under control.

Grease affects thin hair far more than thick hair simply because less hair absorbs the oil and grime. Unfortunately, this leaves your locks looking limp and lackluster.

Dry shampoo absorbs all that oil instead of your hair. It also adds volume and texture.

If you don’t have time to wash your hair often, dry shampoo is a great solution!

7. Set Your Hair in Rollers

If you’re looking to amp up the lift in your head of fine hair, grab yourself a set of Velcro rollers. These curlers are cheap and couldn’t be easier to use!

First, blow dry your hair using the products and techniques suggested above. Once your hair is dehydrated (it can be a little bit damp, too), section your hair into pieces using clips. Then, working one at a time, roll the section up into a Velcro curler.

After you have a full head of curls, spray the hair in rollers with a volumizing hair spray, starting at the roots.

8. Invest in Highlights

Finally, we finish off with a trip to the salon. Highlighting your hair roughs up your strands, adding volume to your hair. Plus, the highlights create dark and light areas, which allude to thicker hair.

Ask your stylist about henna if you’re worried about damaging your hair. This natural dye is made from plants that add shine and fullness without harsh chemicals.

Learn the Best Styling Tips for Your Hair Type

So there you have it: a whole catalog of styling tips for ladies with thin hair!

With this easy-to-apply guidance, you can happily embrace your luscious locks instead of lamenting the curse your genes left you with.

Get over your fear of dry shampoo and expand your arsenal of products. Channel your inner 1940s pin-up girl and set your hair in rollers. Treat yourself to highlights at your local salon.

Of course, if you’ve tried all these tips and still experiencing limp hair, it might be time to consult your hairdresser.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your beauty routine? Then head back to our website and browse our collection of helpful articles.

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