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Deciding to make that appointment to see a cosmetic dentist can be a difficult decision. Cosmetic dental work isn’t always what we gravitate towards. Keeping up with your oral health and looking into your cosmetic dentistry options will keep that smile looking fresh and healthy. 

The thing is, most people get tongue-tied when they make their first appointments for cosmetic dental work. There are many options and decisions that you and your doctor must make together. This is why making yourself a note of questions to ask can be highly beneficial.

If you’ve made your appointment, let us help you with the rest. Here are a few questions you should ask about your dental care. Make your own list to bring to your cosmetic dentist during your next appointment. 

1. Cost and Financing

The cost of seeing a cosmetic dentist isn’t always within a person’s budget. Be sure to ask questions about what the procedure will cost with and without your insurance. You must be aware that your insurance may not cover the full cost of your procedures. 

Discuss with your dentist the possibility of financing. Many dental offices have options for financing where you can pay as the treatment goes. Be sure you are clear on what the dentist’s office expects from your prior to committing to having any dental work done. 

Many times, your dental offices will work with you to make sure you receive the treatment you need. 

2. Photos of Prior Work

It always helps to see the results others have had with the dentist working on their own mouth. Ask your dentist if they have any examples of the past work they’ve done. This will help you to find reassurance in the fact that your dentist knows what they’re doing and that others have had success. 

Keep in mind that not all patients should expect the same results. All mouths react differently to treatment options. Your dentist will know better how to treat you once he’s looked into your prior dental work and how your mouth responds to treatment.

3. Schooling History and Work Ethic

Another area you may want to talk to your doctor about prior to any dental work being done is how long they’ve been in practice. Not that new dentists don’t know what they’re doing, but it is always reassuring to hear about the cases your dentist has taken care of in the past. Consult with your dentist till you feel comfortable. 

Many dentists go through their schooling years practicing and are ready right out of school to begin practicing. It is okay to want to get to know more about your dentist’s history before agreeing to any procedures that they may want to perform. 

The most important part of choosing a dentist is feeling comfortable with your own decisions. 

4. Suggested Procedures

Go over what dental work your cosmetic dentist thinks you would benefit from. Dental care is not the same for everyone, and you may need minimal to advanced procedures depending on what they believe you need. Your dentist will talk out your options and what you should consider having done. 

Be sure to go over any potential dental work that they believe you need over time. This will help you to make a set plan for any dental care that is in your future. Your doctor will know how to handle your specific case and will walk you through all of your options. 

5. Longevity of Procedures

Speak with your professional about the expected longevity of the procedures they’re going to perform. You might want to know in advance what you should expect. Decide if your budget will allow for any touchups that may be needed in the time after your dental work. 

Many dentists will tell you that your treatment will not last forever unless you keep up with your treatments. When you’re ready to discuss your potential treatment, it’s time to look up the words cosmetic dentistry near me, for further information. 

6. Alternative Options

If you don’t well with the thought of oral surgery, you could always ask your dentist if they have any alternative suggestions before you commit to surgery. Cosmetic dentistry options can be a bit scary at first. Always give yourself room for other options and opinions. 

In many cases, you might find that you have other possible options to try before surgery that your dentist can give you. These options might not work, but they might be worth at least talking about before committing to your final choice. 

7. Potential After-Effects

Remember to ask if there are any after-effects that you should be aware of. It is best to prepare ahead of time if there is anything major that may happen after your dental work is done. By doing this, you can make any arrangements before having your dental work done. 

This will also prepare you in the event that you need work that requires sessions or even a mouthguard after the work is finished. Always talk through your full procedures with your dentists ahead of time. 

Make a List of Questions for Your Cosmetic Dentist

You’re on your way to looking and feeling better about your teeth. Talk to your cosmetic dentist at your next appointment to figure out your best course of action. Your dentist will know exactly the procedures you need to feel confident with your dental health again. 

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