7 Key Tips for an Unforgettable Romantic Weekend Getaway

Figuring out a romantic weekend getaway around you and your significant other’s schedule is difficult enough without trying to figure out what to do on the fly. Planning out your couples weekend is key when coming up with the perfect weekend getaway. 

7 Tips for Planning a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Once you find the perfect couples getaway, it’s important that you plan things out ahead of time for a stress-free vacation. It isn’t too difficult to ensure that you’ve got absolutely everything you need to enjoy some quality time with your significant other, but we’ve made it even easier by compiling a list of some romance tips for your couples weekend. 


This might be the most important facet of planning your romantic weekend getaway, as blowing the bank is stressful and an absolute romance killer. Decide upon a budget and stick to it so that you don’t have to feel stressed every time you decide to go out to dinner.

You should be carefree and so sticking to a budget is important. Part of this is checking out the area first. Look at the prices for the food, activities, and even parking to ensure that you can feasibly stick to your budget. 

Checking for Activities 

Remember that the resort area that you’re in doesn’t mean that’s the only place you can do activities. Throwing your net out a little further and checking towns over for interesting things to do is always a good idea. Sometimes the most interesting stuff is a little off the beaten path. 

When you’re looking for activities, of course, you can ask the hotel you plan on staying at, but the internet will have way more information. You can look at stuff that the locals like to do as well as the tourist attractions. This is a good way to decide what you’d like to do while you’re there instead of wasting precious vacation time. 

Book Activities Beforehand

Choosing activities that might be booked already is stressful, so it’s recommended that you plan ahead and see what the resort or city you’re staying in has to offer. There are plenty of places to check for deals too, that way you’re saving money and having a good time on your weekend. 

Check on the Weather

Checking the weather isn’t just assuming that you pack the appropriate clothing for your trip, but it helps you plan out your activities too. This isn’t quite the same if you’re booking indoor events, as the weather doesn’t matter so much for those. For outside events, it’s a different story, and you’ll want to end up booking those closer to your actual get away because of the variability of the weather. 

Look at the Resturants

The last thing you want to do when you’re all set for a romantic vacation is arguing on what to eat during your visit or even waste time debating on it. This means scouting out the restaurants in the area that you’re going to be going to get a pretty good idea of what variety there is. This also means that if you find a fancy restaurant that you’d like to try, that you’ve got the time to book reservations as opposed to last minute decisions. 

Give Yourselves Some Alone Time

 Making sure that you and your significant other have alone time to spend quality time together is also important. A relaxing couples getaway just wouldn’t be the same without some downtime. 

With quality time with one another, perhaps a little bonding is in order, in which case setting up the mood is essential. Bringing along a few things might be to your benefit, especially if you came on a romantic weekend getaway to rekindle your romance when dealing with a particularly busy life. 

Scope Out the Pool 

If relaxing by the pool or jacuzzi is important to you, don’t just look online brochure at the pictures that your hotel has strategically taken of the pool. Make sure to check reviews and look at what other people have said about the pool situation. This is important because sometimes it’s nice to know whether or not there are 18+ hours so that you don’t get children ruining the time you’re trying to relax. 

Not only does checking online ensure that you won’t stare at a pool that only resembles the one in the photos on the booking website, but you’ll know even more information. Often times reviews will include peak times and lulls in the pool so that you can plan your pool visits accordingly. 

Things to Bring on Your Trip 

When giving your significant other and yourself some alone time, there might be a few things that will boost your experience. After all, everyone wants to relax on a couples getaway with their significant other and reconnect without dealing with everyday life. 

Scented Candles

Scented candles are absolutely amazing for relaxing on a vacation, not to mention they can help you sleep better. They aren’t difficult to pack in your bags and they’re sure to boost your mood. For these important reasons, scented candles are an absolute must-have on your vacation packing list. 

Portable Speaker

Mood music is a great way to help reconnect with your partner on vacation. It can drown out any background noise and help get you focused on the person you love. Not to mention, it’s handy if you’ve got loud neighbors or if you need white noise to sleep. 


This seems obvious, but it can be super easy to forget. Bringing whatever form of contraceptive that you choose to use is important because popular romantic getaway spots hike up the price of these items for just this reason. If you forget before you leave the house, just remember to stop somewhere before you get to your destination. 

You’re Vacation Ready

Once you’ve planned out your romantic weekend getaway and packed everything that you need to spend a romantic weekend with your significant other, you’re ready to pack up and get going. With thorough planning, this can be an absolutely perfect weekend away, not to mention there will be no petty arguments on where to go for dinner.

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