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Have you recently received a dental veneer and aren’t sure how to take care of it? Do you want to make sure your veneer lasts for many years to come?

A smile is one of the most important aspects of a person’s confidence. That’s why you need to take precautions to keep that veneer looking as good as new.

Listed down below are the most common veneer maintenance mistakes. Make sure to read through them so that you can avoid them!

1. Neglecting Oral Hygiene

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking that you can skip out on a regular oral hygiene routine once you have a veneer. If anything, it’s even more vital that you keep up with a good brushing and flossing regimen. It protects both the veneer and the teeth behind it.

If you don’t include regular oral hygiene in your veneer maintenance routine, you’ll soon have problems with your teeth. Decay and stains will require frequent visits to the dentist. These problems may lead to you not being able to use the veneer anymore.

The best thing to do is to step up your oral hygiene game and keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

2. Making No Adjustments to Lifestyle

Veneers are durable but they’re not invincible. When you have them placed, you’ll want to make a few lifestyle adjustments to prevent damage.

Chewing on non-food items, for instance, is an easy way to crack or chip the veneer. Hard food items also have this problem, such as biting onto ice cubes or lollipops.

Wine, coffee, and other staining beverages should be avoided when possible.

The veneer itself isn’t a porous material and isn’t easy to stain. The main problem is the division between the veneer and your teeth. Stains on your teeth will create a harsh contrast between the veneer and the natural color of the enamel.

When you see a reputable dentist nearby, make sure to ask them about the kind of changes you should make to maintain your veneer. They’ll be able to point you in the direction of the best food for veneers!

3. Careless Flossing

Although it’s a great thing to floss, you need to be more careful once you have veneers. Cleaning dental veneers is an important step but if you’re too harsh with your flossing, you could cause damage.

Whenever it’s time to floss, you’ll need to be careful with the placement of the floss. Don’t pull or press too hard into the crevices. It’s better to be too careful than not careful enough.

By being careful, you’ll keep the veneer in place and won’t risk any cracks or chips from forming.

4. Using the Wrong Toothpaste

The toothpaste you use makes a big difference in the durability of the veneer. You want to get rid of any toothpaste that has harsh chemicals in it or else it could cause damage to the veneer material.

Whitening toothpaste is often the most-sought after toothpaste. Although veneers aren’t susceptible to most staining, the extra help goes a long way.

If you want to keep your smile looking bright and beautiful for a long time, then make sure you’re using the right type of toothpaste. When in doubt, ask your dentist. Different types of veneers require different upkeep and a quick question is the easiest way to avoid mistakes!

5. Using the Wrong Toothbrush

One of the more vital veneer cleaning tools is finding the right toothbrush. If you use a toothbrush that’s too stiff or has the wrong bristles, you’ll create scratches in the veneer. If you keep using that stiff toothbrush long enough, those scratches turn into holes or cracks.

This is why a soft-bristled brush is always the preference when it comes to cleaning your veneer.

Look for a toothbrush that’s labeled for veneers or at least mentions the soft bristles. Any other type of brush will only cause problems in the future.

It’s also good to remember not to press too hard when you’re brushing your teeth. Even with a soft brush, you could create small scratches if you brush with a lot of force. Be gentle with your teeth and the veneer and you’ll never need to worry again.

6. Not Using a Mouthguard

Do you often find your jaw clenched? Have you noticed that you grind your teeth while sleeping no matter how much you try to stop?

Grinding teeth is never a good thing since it can cause a lot of damage to the enamel but it’s even worse for veneers.

If you spend too much time grinding against the material, it’ll begin to break and crack. The best protection against this problem is to use a mouthguard when you go to bed.

It’s a great tool even for those who don’t have a teeth-grinding problem. The mouthguard provides an invaluable layer of defense to the veneer. It also helps it stay durable and in place throughout the night.

7. Failing to Schedule Regular Dentist Visits

One of the best ways to maintain your veneer is to visit your dentist every six months or so. Your dentist will check the state of the veneer as well as your teeth.

Without this kind of annual check-up, you could have a problem with the veneer and never even know it. You might only realize the problem when it’s too late to fix it properly.

A bonus is that regular visits are the perfect time to ask your dentist any questions or concerns you have about the veneer and its upkeep. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Avoid These Common Veneer Maintenance Mistakes for a Long-Lasting Smile

Now that you know all about the most common veneer maintenance mistakes, it’ll be easier to avoid them in the future. Once you understand the importance of keeping up with a good routine, it becomes second nature.

Keep up with your veneer maintenance and you’ll have a beautiful and bright smile for the rest of your life!

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