5 Yacht Party Tips for Your Next Big Bash

Are you planning on hosting a yacht party any time soon?

Yachts are symbols of luxury and opulence, but they’re more than just status symbols. Yachts are also an excellent venue for small gatherings if you need to impress your guests.

If you’re hosting a yacht birthday party, all the glimmers and glamor might intimidate you. You need all the tips you can get, or the party might not be as successful as you hoped.

Keep reading below for everything you need to know about yacht party tips you can use for your party.

1. Crafting the Perfect Yacht Party Invites

Be sure to include a picture of the yacht on the invite – this is a great way to draw excitement. You should also provide a detailed description of what your guests should bring, including a list of maritime, picnic, and beach attire.

Make sure to add the contact name of the person driving the boat and an approximate estimated arrival time. Include directions, and other pertinent information guests may need, such as port locations and parking info.

2. Setting up a Menu

A range of light snacks, a two-course meal, and a selection of desserts should suffice. For starters, mini pastries, cheese platters, assorted salads, and cured meats are ideal snacks.

Meanwhile, the main course should include various fish dishes, steak, and a selection of vegetarian dishes. To top it off, you can offer a variety of desserts like ice cream, brownies, and cheesecakes.

If you’re working with cider lovers, choose various friendly options. This could be a flavored cider, craft beer, and a good selection of red and white wines. 

3. Choose an Ideal Yacht Rental Company

Rental companies should have experience hosting similar events with a record of success. Be sure to check reviews and portfolios of past projects.

Make sure to find out more about the size of the yacht and its capabilities. This includes the number of people the yacht can hold easily, the amenities, and whether the yacht hire is equipped with a water slide or other exciting features. 

4. Hold Entertainment on Board

To start, set up a dance floor with a good sound system, and hire a DJ to get people moving. Set up a decorative backdrop for photos of your guests, and bring along some props for fun dress-up opportunities.

Consider setting up karaoke, if available, for those who want to show off their vocal talents. Alternatively, you can provide classic games like charades or trivia for a more interactive experience.

Finally, don’t forget your live music! Depending on your available space, you can hire a small band or opt for a mini-concert.

5. Keep Your Guests and Ships Safe

Ensure all your guests know the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea or COLREGS. Provide a safety briefing and exercise caution and vigilance when maneuvering around other vessels.

Designate a sober skipper and ensure all your guests have the necessary safety equipment. This includes lifejackets, flares, and an adequate number of VHF radios on board to keep in contact with other ships.

Assign someone to watch the guests, especially when sunbathing and swimming. Lastly, choose a destination within the vessel’s limits and make sure not to overload it. 

Enjoy Your Yacht Party

You have the tips to make your next yacht party a wild success. Now design the perfect bash and impress your guests.

Considering everything and planning ahead of time will ensure a great event. Start your fantastic yacht party today!

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