5 Tips on Getting Help for Someone with an Addiction

Watching a loved one going through the depth of addiction is hard, but there is help you can give. Read these five tips to getting help for your loved one.

Do you have a loved one who’s battling a drug addiction? You must be devastated by the situation. Drug addiction negatively impacts friends and family members.

Thus, finding help for your loved one can also mean relief for the rest of the family. However, this isn’t as easy as you may think.

Research shows that most addicts of alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medication are often in denial. They never admit to being addicted, and most get defensive when approached.

How do you help someone who cannot admit they have a problem? Check out our five tips on getting help for someone with an addiction.

Educate Yourself About Drug Addiction

Before getting help for your loved one, it is vital for you to understand a few things about addiction. What are the common signs and symptoms associated with drug addiction?

Understand drug abuse, its symptoms, and why your loved is addicted. You can then tackle the problem from the point of understanding.

Sometimes people abuse drugs to drown their sorrows. Beyond going to rehab, such people may need further help and counseling to heal the emotional wounds and stay sober.

Offer Emotional Support

One characteristic among drug addicts is that they feel no one understands them. By offering emotional support, you let your loved one know that you get their plight.

Assure them that you recognize their suffering. Express your concerns in a loving and caring way. Don’t sound judgmental as you can end up pushing them away.

Once your loved one starts to open up to you, assure them there’s hope, and they can face issues without drowning into drug abuse.

Don’t Enable Addiction

When an addict makes mistakes, let them deal with the consequences. Don’t provide money if you know it will end up supporting the behavior.

If your loved one is caught up in legal messes as a result of the addiction, don’t bail them out without a commitment to seek help. Enabling drug addiction can turn tragic for your family.

For example, an estimated 30 people die every day in drunk-driving accidents. This figure accounts for 28% of all traffic deaths in the U.S. One of these victims could be your loved one if they don’t stop drinking alcohol.

Ask the Addict to Consider Getting Help

Once an addict starts to open up and acknowledge the problem, encourage them to seek intervention. You can help them find a good rehab facility for treatment.

Professional intervention is the best solution for addiction treatment. It incorporates a holistic approach to restore physical, emotional, and mental health.

The addict will undergo drug treatment to flush out toxins and manage withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and depression. They will also be taken through addiction counseling.

Get Family Therapy

Addiction takes a toll on the family members of the addict. This can result in feelings of hatred and mistrust towards the addict. Getting family therapy is essential.

During therapy, the counselor helps families work through feelings and issues they are dealing with. The sessions help to restore trust, love, and unity among families.

Family therapy will help the addict feel loved and cared for, and this will protect them from suffering a relapse.

Ready to Seek Help for Your Loved One?

Getting help for a loved one who’s addicted is the only way to promote sobriety. Encourage them to join a support group where they can talk honestly and openly about their feelings.

Also, ensure your loved one eats healthy foods to restore body strength. Check out designforrecovery.com for more information regarding sobriety resources.

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