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The times have changed, and about 66% of married couples actually lived together before they were married. 

Have you and your partner lived together or been together for a while?

Is it time for you two to just get a house together? Here are the signs.

1. Financials Line Up

Money can be an awkward thing to bring up in any relationship, but before you move in, you’ll have to talk about it. 

Moving in together can be the biggest purchase that you make together, so you want to make sure that you are both in a financial position to be able to afford it. 

First, you should figure out how much you can both afford. If you go out of your budget, then it may cause problems later on down the road. Sit down and make a budget and then you can start looking. 

2. You Can Work Together as a Team

Living with your partner can require a lot of teamwork and be able to coexist in the same place.

You won’t really know your partner until you move in with them, so it’s important that you can work together. 

Whether it’s working together to get all the chores done or working together to buy a home, you will need to be able to honestly communicate and problem solve. 

You may also need to do some renovations to the place together. If you both aren’t able to do renovations, you can also contact the Trough Man

3. You’ve Been Together for Over a Year

If you have your partner have been together for over a year, you guys are probably getting more serious. This is a good time to consider taking your relationship to the next level and moving in together.

Before you do so, you should make sure that you are both on board. Do you have similar goals? Are you okay if one person has to put in more money than the other?

After talking about it, you may feel ready to take the next step!

4. You Know Each Other Well

You may not know everything about your partner, but you should know each other pretty well before you move in.

Before you move in together, you should spend a few nights together either at your house or away in a hotel so that you can pick up on some of their habits.

If there is something that is a deal-breaker for either of you, moving in together may not be such a great idea.  

5. You Don’t Plan on Breaking Up

In some cases, most people don’t plan on breaking up.

However, if you are on the fence about whether or not you want the relationship to continue, you probably shouldn’t move in together either. 

If you don’t plan on it, you should still talk about the “what if’s” before you move in. This will help you both have some security and a backup plan if something does happen.  

Just Get a House With Your Partner Today!

If you are looking for a sign to move in with your partner, this is it: just get a house!

Sit down and start planning the rest of your future out today!

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