5 Major Benefits of Strength Training

At the beginning of a new year, up to 40% of Americans resolve to lose weight via exercise or healthier eating habits. With the aid of tracking apps, support groups, and online resources, many of those people will be successful.

Even so, after months of work, many individuals aren’t happy with how their bodies look post-weight loss. 

If you’re not in love with what you see in the mirror before or after a fitness journey, it may be time to explore the benefits of strength training. It’s not enough to start working out. You need to ensure you’re fueling your body and working out the right way. 

Are you curious about the aesthetic and health benefits of strength training? We’ve listed five significant benefits below, including a few fitness tips to get you started.

Read on to learn why everyone should resolve to build muscle in 2023.

1. You Don’t Need Much Equipment

One common misconception about strength training is that you need to shell out for an expensive gym membership or tons of costly, heavy equipment. In reality, investing in yourself doesn’t require a financial investment. Many types of training are free!

Body weight exercises are easy and effective. Once you build up strength, you can add resistance tools such as bands or tubes, which are inexpensive and easy to store. 

2. It Doesn’t Require a Big Time Commitment

To see results, you only need to commit to a few exercises (such as lunges, squats, and pushups) a minimum of twice a week. To start, aim for about eight reps of each. If you spread them out throughout the day, the time commitment is minimal, and you’ll still see physical changes over time. 

If you want to get fit from home, you can see results in as little as 24 minutes daily.  

3. You’ll Look Better

After losing weight, many individuals feel underwhelmed by their appearance. They may experience loose skin or feel “skinny fat” without any muscle. Building strength can tone your body so you can show off all the hard work you’ve put into your weight loss. 

4. Improved Overall Health

Strength training can improve your bone density, joint flexibility, and balance. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll significantly reduce your risk of injuries due to breaks, falls, and clumsiness. 

5. Age Gracefully

Building strength can help you naturally resist the natural effects of aging. Muscle mass tends to decrease naturally as individuals get older. If you put in the work, you will maintain your natural muscle mass and look and feel more youthful. 

Explore the Benefits of Strength Training

Once you learn more about exercise and eating for nutrition, you’ll quickly recognize that weight loss is not enough. You’ll need to build muscle tone to fall in love with your body. One of the most significant benefits of strength training is the change you’ll undergo once you realize how strong and capable you are.

Are you on the hunt for more lifestyle tips like these? Check out the rest of the blog for more posts that can change your outlook on self-care. 

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