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Taking care of yourself is a serious investment. In fact, recent statistics reveal that women in the U.S. spend $3,756 annually on average for beauty products and services. The top three spending categories are makeup, haircuts, and skincare.

Skincare is in the top three because American women understand the benefits of facials. Not only do they understand it, but they experience it every time they complete facial treatment.

Part of practicing excellent skincare is about looking good, but it runs much deeper than that.

A high-frequency facial benefits both the skin and the soul. Gray skies seem to magically disappear. If you’ve got the blues, a facial will turn your entire day around.

Say hello to great-looking skin and feel like a million bucks! Keep reading to discover why.

1. Reduce Stress

Stress will affect your face first. Specifically, it affects the temples and your jaw. Stress leads to inflammation, pain, sagging, acne, and deterioration.

A facial will usually include a facial massage as part of the treatment. One of the best benefits of a facial massage is that it can reduce anxiety by activating your sympathetic nervous system. This is how you can lower anxiety and lift your mood.

A facial massage will help you rest and slow down. Further, the masks, exfoliants, cleansers, and towels have a natural aroma. This natural aroma is relaxing as it settles in, so your face and upper body will feel comfortable and reduce its tension.

Of all the benefits of getting a facial, it comes down to practicing self-care and taking the time to do something good for you.

2. Anti-Aging

Beyond reducing stress, another one of the many benefits of a facial is its anti-aging properties. This is because a facial will stimulate the cells, which lowers the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage. Moisturizing and exfoliating skin is a non-invasive way for mature skin to slow the aging process.

Women can show aging more quickly when they experience a lack of blood circulation. Of the benefits of a facial, it stimulates facial muscles. This can increase blood flow and regenerate new skin cells.

A facial treatment will give you more vibrancy and color immediately, which will reduce signs of aging.

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3. Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

When you rejuvenate your skin with a facial, you experience more benefits than anti-aging alone. It helps rid your skin of puffy, dark circles that collect under your eyes. Also, a facial will tell your crow’s feet, “Be gone, and don’t come back!”

Estheticians can help you with the many benefits of facials. That is because they will use eye cream to help your skin be bright and beautiful.

Further, an esthetician will probably take cucumber slices and place them on top of your eyes. This soothes the skin, reducing dehydration and inflammation because cucumbers have lignan and vitamin K.

4. Skin Hydration

Further, as part of professional facial treatment, you will also get facial steaming, too. It is important to understand that moisturizing and hydrating your skin are two different things.

Dry skin lacks sebum and oil. Skincare products like moisturizers help to replenish dry skin.

If your skin is dehydrated, this means it is lacking water. Anyone can experience skin that is dehydrated. This means everyone can experience the many benefits of facial steaming, which includes hydration.

Even a typical bottle of shampoo has 90% of water in it.

With a facial, not only is your skin hydrated, but the heat and water you feel from the facial steaming soften the skin. This results in less painful skincare extractions.

5. Soothes Your Skin

Speaking of pain, you can ease discomfort and temporary redness when using facial toner. Facial toner is great for calming the skin.

There are many benefits of facial toner, including that it removes oil and makeup. Excess dirt breaks out. Facial toner removes the impurities that are left behind in your skin.

If you suffer from acne breakouts, facials can help. It depends on the kind of acne you suffer from and how severe your acne is. Generally, facials are good for curing mild acne breakouts but not severe acne breakouts. 

When to Seek a Professional

If a facial seems like a simple treatment and something you could do yourself, remember that we mean the benefits in this article for all. You are unique and may benefit from extra help. A professional can identify other benefits for you.

If you seek the help of a professional esthetician, they will be able to offer you the extra help to give you a result that you will surely love.

A facial professional can offer a complete treatment. This includes creams, facial masks, massages, steam, exfoliation, creams, extraction, and LED machines.

If you are contemplating the extra money that a professional facial will cost, know that it will be well worth it. You’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed, happy you made the decision to invest in yourself.

Benefits of Facials

Self-care is the same as self-love. Live your best life when you feel your best.

The benefits of facials will make you look good and feel good, too!

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