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Microsoft continues to dominate the desktop and laptop market so it’s no surprise that Apple revealed that Windows 10 is four times more popular than the Mac.

If you’ve had a Mac for most of your digital device life, it might be time to consider a change. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but in this case, it might be.

Keep reading to learn some of the reasons to switch to a PC from a Mac.

1. Switching Is Easy

If you switch to a PC from a Mac, you might worry that you’ll have a lot of adjustments to make. However, it’s easier than people think.

Windows isn’t the same as it was in the 90s. Endless updates and missing drivers are things of the past. Malware, although not gone entirely, has also drastically improved.

You can add apps to make Windows 10 look and act a lot like macOS. When you open your favorite apps, you won’t notice much of a visual difference.

2. Catalina Cuts

The macOS Catalina update is one of the buggiest OS launches from Apple. Plus, it has made some insane cuts.

It no longer supports 32-bit apps so any old programs that you still used won’t be working any longer. The app has to be updated to 64-bit to continue working with the new update.

You can avoid the cuts by forgoing the new update or you can switch from Mac to Windows. PCs support most software no matter the updates that come about.

3. PCs Are Flexible

Switching to a PC means you gain more flexibility with your device. Apple is known for not updating hardware for months and sometimes even years.

iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac mini come with last-gen CPUs and GPUs. The newest Mac Pro is the only Apple hardware is over 10 years that can use off-the-shelf PCIe cards.

If you sell your Mac and buy a PC, you’ll have the latest components. PCs are more affordable with enough power to deliver your creative vision.

4. Most Apps Are Coded for PC

One of the main benefits of using Windows is that most apps are coded for PC first. There are only a handful of Mac-specific programs while most are for the PC and ported to a Mac later.

Mac users might have to wait months for a macOS version of the newest apps. Even then, the features could be limited because of the restrictions implemented by Apple.

Switching from iOS to Windows gives you more options because, in some cases, there are no Mac versions for certain applications.

Should You Switch to a PC?

If you have been a die-hard Mac owner for years, you might find that you are missing out on some applications and features. Don’t be loyal to a fault. Consider making the switch to a PC.

The change is much more smooth than people think. The newest updates don’t support all functions that a PC does. PCs are more flexible and have more application and coding options.

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