3 Common Signs Your Child May Need Speech Therapy

Are you concerned that your child may have difficulty speaking? Speech sound disorder is quite common, affecting about 10% to 15% of preschoolers.

If you notice hesitant speech more than once, though, it may be a sign that your child needs some help. When a child doesn’t have the proper tools to learn how to talk, it could affect the rest of their life.

If you’re concerned that your child may need speech therapy, this isn’t something to wait too long to address. 

Read on to see familiar signs that your child may need speech therapy and why professional help is vital to their growth.

1. Delayed Speech and Babbling

If your child is not babbling by 12 months old, this could signify that they need speech therapy. Other common signs that your child may need speech therapy include not responding to their name by that age. 

They will also have difficulty making eye contact and not pointing or showing things by 18 months old. There are those with an inability to produce at least six different words by 24 months old.

2. Unusually Quiet in Social Situations

If your child is quieter in social situations than at home, this could signify that they need speech therapy. For example, if your child has difficulty making eye contact, initiating or sustaining conversations, or if they tend to avoid social situations altogether, it is a possibility they may have a speech disorder.

Additionally, suppose your child demonstrates repetitive or unusual body movements, such as excessive hand-flapping or toe-walking. In that case, it may also indicate another underlying issue.

3. Difficulty With Certain Sounds

It may include sounds that are difficult to produce, such as “s,” “sh,” “ch,” and “th.” They also have the tendency to make sounds that are improper, such as lisps and substitutions.

If your child has difficulty making certain sounds, it may be hard for them to communicate with others. They may also have trouble pronouncing certain words, and their speech may be unclear.

When to Reach For Professional Speech Therapy Services

If you notice any speech problems, getting professional help for your child is essential. A professional can assess your child’s communication skills and determine if there is a problem. Attending speech therapy can help your child improve their communication skills and ensure that they can communicate well with others.

Research to find a therapist that would best suit the age and condition of your child. A speech therapy toddler specialist is best suited for a child below 1-year-old. They can also offer tips for speech therapy that can hasten the improvement needed in your child.

Aside from that, there are many speech therapy practices that you can do at home to help your child. Encourage your child to practice vocalizing sounds and words. Help your child practice imitating words and sounds.

Encourage your child to practice saying certain words differently, such as “bat” and “boat.” You can also help your child practice following directions.

Address Speech Disorders as Soon as Possible

There are many signs that your child may need speech therapy. If your child has difficulty communicating, following directions, or understanding others, they may benefit from speech therapy.

If you think your child may need speech therapy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local speech therapist for an evaluation.

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