10 Smart Reasons to Go to Church (Even When You Don’t Want To)

Today man has acquired knowledge and power. It is only fair that this knowledge and power be used correctly. One must make sure that humanity is on the right path.

For this purpose, man must keep his connection with God strong. The role and importance of the church in the community cannot be denied. This gives worshippers many reasons to go to church.

People often ask “What is the purpose of going to church?”

While there can be as much reason as the human mind can think, the most important one is to maintain the connection with God and to keep it strong as well. Going to church is not mandatory and the modern world has found enough reasons to avoid it.

What Are the Reasons to go to Church?

You can never eliminate God from your life. His presence is essential in order to keep balance in life. When in distress, people often turn to God to seek His help. It is one of the healing processes and can restore balance as well as mental health.

Larkin’s Church Going sheds light on the superficial practice of going to the church. This practice has taken away the essence of the cause leaving humanity hollow and in a state of disbelief.

Taking care of the body is often stressed upon. Taking care of your soul is also important. For this reason, the importance of going to church cannot be denied. 

Following are some smart reasons that can answer “why you should go to church?”

1. Hear the Word of God

You are not always in contact with the Bible or holy scripture to understand deeply the word of God. Going to the church allows you to hear the preaching of the word. This enables you to understand God as well as your purpose in life.

These days people have become accustomed to receiving information through the internet and any other means that do not give a chance to interact with humans. Going to a church can transform your life and it also inspires you to love God and His creation.

2. Participate in Corporate Worship

Jesus said those who worship must worship in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24).

Finding seclusion and peace to worship Lord is one of the best ways to talk to your creator. However, there is even a better way that can help you meditate better.

Coming together and worshipping a single entity is an elevating experience. You get to meet new people and it becomes a shared belief. You work together to please your creator and this is one of the best feelings.

3. Iron Shapes Iron

Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34). 

When you interact with people who share the same belief as you, then it becomes easy to keep a check on your actions. This becomes the source of encouragement and strength. When iron is rubber against iron it not only becomes sharp but sparkles as well.  

When you interact with other people you get a chance to reflect and this is what God needs.

4. Share the Burden

When you see people working at churches and you assume, they do not need you, do not be deceived. There is a lot that can be done. Help your fellow Christians so that you can have a successful ministry running in your area.

5. You Can Find Godly Mentors

People often consult holy books in order to find answers to the most complicated questions. The church in the Bible has been addressed much time and its importance has also been mentioned. 

Finding a mentor that can help you in spiritual growth is not less than a blessing. Find motivation and encouragement in this practice and you will find ways to please your creator. 

6. Teach Your Kids

If you are a parent, then you must explain to your kid’s reasons why go to church.

From a tender age, they must learn the importance of going to church. You need to incorporate it into your upbringing so that they can learn it and build a connection with God.

If you want to teach them the love of God, then they must see it in you as well. So, make sure you are going to church as this will help you in passing it on to your children.

7. Be a Light to Your Community

People should be able to see the tender side of you. Jesus wants his followers to be polite and kind towards each other. Going to a church can help you learn these values.

This is one of the reasons to go to church. With time strong values are inculcated and you begin to realize the importance of this theological institution. So be light your community and preach good values.

8. Bear Each Other’s Burden

Going to a church can help you build connections. You can know more about each other. This gives you a chance to be a part of each other’s life. You can share the burden with your fellow Christians. 

9. Build a Good Routine

Going to a church allows you to set your routine. It can help you in having satisfaction with simply visiting the church.

10. Stronger Marriage

Couples who worship together can make their relation strong. Their marriage needs a strong foundation and going to a church can help you have one.

These are some of the reasons why you should go to church. Plan your visit with Parkway Fellowship

Will You Go to Church Now?

There can be as many reasons as you can think of and all will emphasize the importance of going to church.

The above-mentioned reasons to go to church are enough to keep you on the right track and follow your faith. 

For more information and advice on following your faith, read our blog. 

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