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Should you start integrating more technology in your classroom?

The choice to implement technology into the classroom sometimes comes with hesitation from some teachers. Only 58% of teachers believe technology serves their classroom well, and others remain unsure about whether or not technology is a benefit.

Yet, including technology in the classroom has many advantages. It allows greater access to education in a way that wasn’t previously available, and it gives teachers exciting new tools.

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Technology Increases Access to Education

Giving everyone an equal chance for a high-quality education has always been a teacher’s goal. Still, this has sometimes proved a challenge.

Equal opportunities were sometimes overshadowed by a lack of government funding, an inability of a family to purchase necessary supplies, etc. In the past, learning became centralized in a classroom. This was fine for children who were able to attend school every day, but it put those who couldn’t at a severe disadvantage.

With the advent of technology such as computers and the internet, children now have the ability to access learning materials with just an internet connection. This became crucial during COVID-19, as many schools around the world had to go virtual with their schooling.

When You Implement Technology, You Prepare Children for the Future

Nowadays, most jobs involve using some sort of technology. Nearly every business has implemented computers, the internet, and other technological advancements into their daily operations, and they actively look for job candidates who possess those schools.

As younger generations enter the workforce, a job hunter’s ability to understand and be able to use modern technologies will be a requirement for employment. Already, companies are listing proficiency in platforms such as Microsoft Word or Excel as employment qualifications. Any students who lack technological experience will be at a disadvantage when it comes to securing such jobs.

As such, teachers should consider implementing a technology platform into their classrooms. The more familiar children grow with using technology, the more confident and prepared they will be to use it in their future.

Technology Encourages Student Engagement

Do you ever struggle to keep your students engaged?

Now, students are used to getting information quickly, at a tap of their screens on a user interface or the click of a mouse. The information often directly engages them and provides them with stimulating visuals. Because of this, they may deem in-person lectures boring and have a very short attention span for them.

When teachers use technology to teach their students, they often use programs that require the students to interact with information. This keeps the students’ minds engaged and helps them absorb what they’re learning.

It also makes learning more fun for them!

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Ready to Implement More Technology?

So, are you ready to implement technology in your classroom?

For some, adding technology to their teaching plans may seem daunting, but it comes with many benefits. It increases access to education, prepares students for the future, and makes learning more engaging and fun.

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