Live Captioning in 2021: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Did you know that Zoom increased its revenue by more than 300 percent in the year 2020? Live captioning is a huge component of what Zoom brings to the table and it has become increasingly prevalent in the COVID-19 era.

When audio is less than clear, the ability to read a live caption allows the people in the Zoom call to understand what is being said and follow along without issue. But what is live caption? And what benefits does Zoom live caption provide?

You’re in luck because you’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about live caption Android, Google live caption, and Zoom live caption as well as the benefits live caption provides. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is Live Captioning?

Live captioning is a rather simple process that is perfect for a classroom setting. When the teacher or professor is providing a lecture, the audio is listened to by a remote captioner. From there, the remote captioner transcribes the audio into text for the people on the Zoom call.

Some companies provide live captioning by typing it while others use software that allows the captioner to repeat the lecturer’s words themselves and let the software transcribe for them.

From there, this transcription is presented live to the audience in the classroom or meeting via the webpage that the meeting is hosted in.

This is a great option for the viewers, students, or business associates to combine with the audio of the call because it allows them to fully understand what is being said.

Live captioning uses spoken word and turns it into text on a live basis which makes it perfect for live broadcasts, large meetings or classrooms, as well as conventions. Indeed, this live caption software is a true gamechanger in the COVID-19 era.

Benefits of Live Captioning

There are a number of benefits that you’ll gain from using live captioning for your meetings or classes. It makes a huge difference to your audience for comprehension and allows for better accessibility for all.

Increased Accessibility

There is a good portion of the world’s population that suffers from hearing loss, so live captioning plays a huge role when it comes to providing adequate service to these people. It allows people with hearing loss to benefit from video technology.

Without using live captioning, you’re unable to reach a good portion of your audience. If you decide to use live captioning for your videos then it is recommended that you stay consistent with it. It isn’t fair to your viewers to have live captioning for one session and not have it the next.

Using live captioning gives everyone equal access to your live sessions and the information you’re sharing with your audience.

Search Engine Indexing

When you’re using Google live caption, you’ll see immediate benefits of search engine indexing. Search engine indexing allows Google to understand your content and move your webpage up their search rankings.

This is important because Google has a difficult time determining relevancy through audio or video. Live captioning allows Google to understand what you’re discussing and make it more accessible to a larger audience.

It also provides a text format of what is said in your live sessions.

Improved Audience Engagement

Another great benefit that you’ll see if you incorporate live captioning into your live sessions is an improved level of engagement with your audience. This is because live captioning allows your audience to absorb what is said more fully.

It makes it easier for all of your viewers to comprehend and take in the topic and the information associated with it. It is even great for viewers that know English as a second language since they’ll both hear and read what you’re saying.

It is also a great fit for audience members that have a hearing disability. It allows them to understand the topic and connect with what is said during the meeting.

You also need to remember that when people are watching live sessions of class or meetings, they’re sometimes in noisy locations. Having live captions for your sessions help people in noisy or distracting settings. They’re able to focus and get clarity on what you’re talking about.

It eliminates issues that people in complicated environments experience when trying to consume and enjoy the content you’re producing.

Derivative Content

Using live captioning also creates transcripts of what you say during your class or meeting. This allows people who weren’t able to make it to the live session to still have a record of what was said so they’re not behind.

It is also great because it allows students to go back and check the transcript for important statistics and information.

Additionally, people learn better in different ways. It is possible that people in your class would rather read an article or transcript than watch a live video. For those people, the ability to produce a transcript of what was said is invaluable for their educational experience.

It is yet another way that you’re able to create more value for your audience using live captioning.

Improved Comprehension

If your audience has people that speak more than one language then you should definitely consider applying live captioning to your meetings or lessons. There is a reason that people watch shows with subtitles on, and the same applies to your live sessions.

The live captions help people to better understand what you’re saying and eliminates confusion. It is also great when outside factors make it difficult to discern what the speaker is saying in the video. It helps the audience understand and stay focused.

Tailor Your Live Captioning to Your Audience

Choosing to include live captioning provides a ton of value to your audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professor, a business manager, or a convention speaker. You owe it to your audience to use live captioning for your live sessions.

Live captioning helps your content become more accessible and easy to comprehend. This is vital for those that have hearing loss. It is also great for providing alternative ways of learning to your audience.

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