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Whether you’re into smart homes and innovations in tech or want to learn about all that, it must be very important for you to find out about the latest technology news as soon as they arrive. Doing that online seems the smartest choice, so you need a reliable source not to miss a big break.

One of the best sources with the latest technology news is 4Promedia. The authors who write for the website are experienced enthusiasts who know how to make even a difficult IT article understandable. Let’s take a look at the newest pieces the service tells us about!

TOP-3 Environmentally Friendly Gadget (Not Only) Choices

Eco-friendly updates are always a good thing, and these involve not only the computer world. There are three particular items that should be on your new bucket list:

  • Fairphone – a phone that’s made of recycled and conflict-free materials;
  • The Flat, The Point, and The Loafer – not technology, but smart science. These are the models of shoes created from recycled water bottles.
  • Nuka – the notebook you can use for eternity. Introduced by a Ukrainian startup, Nuka is a waterproof notebook in a combination with a special pen that also never runs out.

Grammarly as a “Startup of the Month” Pick

The next short snippet of the latest tech news is about the well-known Grammarly. Ever got annoyed with the grammar mistakes you made accidentally? This assistant will never let you do another error! It was established as a startup in 2009, and in 10 years have earned the recognition of students and authors from all around the world.

The assistant can be used on multiple platforms. You can check texts after you finish them or right during the writing process.

Best Headphones of 2019

Say “Hi” to a set of best headphones of 2019:

  • Sony WH-1000XM3;
  • Bose QuietComfort;
  • Jabra Elite Active;
  • Apple AirPods and today the newest AirPods Pro.

All these and more are on the list. There are huge headsets for your computer, tiny Bluetooth earphones for everyday outside use. There also are models that have noise-cancelling capabilities like no other set. And we all know what’s Apple doing there – their AirPods and AirPods Pro has become the most favorite innovation of a lot of people this year.

To see the list, go to the website and for the latest information on the best picks of the year.

Making Technology More Understandable

Making technology more understandable and exciting is one of the top priorities for the writers of 4Promedia. We live in a time where almost everything involves some kind of computer operation. So, instead of fearing it, it’s better to embrace it by getting into gadgets news.

All readers should understand what the newest releases are for and how to use them. Reading online sites makes it even more convenient because it’s available in all languages. Just ask Google to translate it into German, Ukrainian, Hindi, etc.

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