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Are you interested in adding a fireplace to be the heart of your home? If so, you might already know there are many options to consider.

There’s no such thing as a perfect fireplace. It’s all about finding the type of fireplace that provides your needed solutions.

We put together this guide to walk you through those types until you find the best one for your home! Let’s begin.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

Even at this age, many people enjoy the comfort of a wood-burning fireplace. It’s the most traditional option but is still as popular as it was back then.

You can use it by burning wood, so many consider it the cheapest option because it helps cut down electric costs. On top of that, it works in any climate!

But having a real, active fire in your home is a great responsibility. Your main concern is the upkeep and how it affects your home. Before you get this fireplace, you should prepare for it, like adding a chimney or locating a wood supply.

Gas Fireplace

The best alternative to wood-burning fireplaces is a gas fireplace. People think it’s one of the best fireplaces because it’s clean and easy to use. You can light it with only a button as long as your pilot light is on.

It comes either vented or ventless. A vented gas fireplace is like a wood-burning one. It has a chimney but uses faux logs to replicate the real thing.

Ventless gas fireplaces need to stay connected to a gas line. They sit directly against internal walls. The fireplace design allows the heat it produces to stay inside, which is what most people prefer.

If you have an existing wood fireplace, you can convert it by adding a gas starter and gas logs. With that, it crosses off the idea of fireplace construction, saving you more money.

The main downside is that the gas sometimes produces an unpleasant odor. It also lacks the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace because its heat doesn’t spread.

Electric Fireplaces

The most affordable option, installation-wise, is an electric fireplace. Usually, it costs $100 to $2,200 but takes up a higher power cost.

It’s the best type of fireplace when you live somewhere chimneys or vents are impossible to add. An electric fireplace is also simple, clean, and easy to incorporate into your home. You only need the perfect space and a power source!

Electric fireplaces come in many styles, so you can choose one that suits you best. If you want to hang it, there’s a wall-mount option. You can get a built-in one if you want to make it seem as natural as a traditional fireplace. Some even function like furniture requiring no installation, like the TV stand style.

If you want to delve deeper into electric fires, check out https://www.qbicheating.co.uk/electric-heaters/electric-fires.html.

If you’re thinking of getting one, note that it’s more cosmetic than practical. Also, it can bring a better ambiance but might not heat a room like other non-electric fireplaces.

Outdoor Fireplace

Many homeowners like to spend time in their yards, especially after landscaping projects. You can also consider getting an outdoor fireplace. It gives you that natural comfort and warms up even on cold nights.

Out of the different types of fireplaces, there’s less to worry about with an outdoor option. It remains well-ventilated and keeps the fireplace away from the property. That reduces the risk of damage!

If you own an outdoor fireplace, it requires high maintenance. It stays exposed to several external factors that could cause it to wear sooner. You have to look over it often to ensure the condition stays good.

A fireplace can add value to your property by a couple of thousand dollars, wherever you put it. But if you want a higher increase, it’s best to go for a fireplace inside your home.

Ethanol Fireplace

Despite being new to many, an ethanol fireplace is popular among modern homeowners. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s one of the eco-friendly fireplaces available.

Like gas fireplaces, it’s cleaner and takes a safer approach when lighting an actual fire. Instead, an ethanol option is ventless, meaning you can use it without a chimney or vent. That also means you can install it anywhere!

It provides the aesthetic of electric ones with the function of traditional options. On top of that, it’s safe for your health and your home.

Remember, it isn’t enough to replace your primary heat source. If you want more heat, consider getting a different fireplace instead. It works best as an extra heat source or in smaller spaces.

Gel Fuel Fireplace

You could consider the gel fuel type if you want a low-maintenance fireplace that uses real fire. It has many similarities with ethanol fireplaces. The differences include different flame production and faster heating.

A gel fuel fireplace is another option for homeowners who want an option that is fuss-free and easy to use. You can often find it outdoors, but it also works indoors with enough ventilation. And like ethanol fireplaces, it doesn’t produce heat as intensely as traditional ones.

Find the Perfect Type of Fireplace With This Guide

A fireplace is a great functional piece that adds spice to your home. But with all the options available, finding the perfect type of fireplace can be a challenge.

One way to find your ideal fireplace is by comparing them together. That way, you can quickly identify which choices cater to your needs or won’t work for you.

What do you think about it? If you’re interested in learning more about these topics, check out our blog!

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