Top 3 Things to Look for in a Restaurant Online Ordering System

If you’re an entrepreneur engaged in the food business, expanding your business online would be a wise decision. This will eventually broaden your reach and help you expand your brand. Branching out online also means you have to make the ordering process more efficient and seamless for your online customers.

There are various ways to improve order-gathering for your resto. However, if you want to make it more beneficial for your customers and your staff, while also keeping yourself updated with technological breakthroughs, establishing a restaurant online ordering system is the way to go.

This shows massive potential in terms of business growth, and with the mobile ordering system predicted to go as big as $38 billion next year. Having a restaurant online ordering system will offer a plethora of advantages.

The main question here, however, is how do you know what type of ordering system is ideal for your business needs?

Here are a few of the important things you should check before you decide to purchase a particular ordering system. 

  1. Does it Offer a Pick-up Option?

Almost 80% of the consumers ordered online within the past few years. This upward trajectory suggests that online ordering will become an even stronger trend in the future. Restaurants that offer pick-up options have clear advantages.

The convenience of placing an order and picking it up anytime is a value-added service that every restaurant should provide. On top of this, deliveries are hugely unprofitable in most rural areas. In these areas, pick-up is preferred. If you have this option, then you can easily maximize your sales.

  1. Is the System Fully Customizable?

In an ideal setting, an ordering system that flows accurately and integrates seamlessly with your brand is the way to go. If you see yourself as an innovative and fun company, you need to pass this through your restaurant software so that you can communicate your brand to your target market. With that being said, you have to choose a restaurant ordering software that allows you to play and experiment with typography, imagery, and colors.

Choose a system that will allow you to incorporate your professional images. Pick those that allow you to create a fundamentally direct extension of your online webpage. Apart from that, choose a system that will also enable you to inform your eager customers of menu changes in real-time to avoid reorders.

This feature will be crucial in generating customer loyalty, so you have to make sure that your software has these add-ons.

  1. Easy Integration

Integration with your POS is essential for your online ordering system. Check if POS integration is difficult or easy. Most of the common ordering systems are integrated with major Point of Sale systems. This significant feature allows the unification of your overall process. Once online orders are made, they are immediately sent to the POS that’s acting as the in-store order. After which, it will be taken as a traditional order, and the operation will proceed as normal.

Final Words

These are just a few of the important features you should carefully consider when looking for the right online ordering tool for your business. If you want a professional opinion, you can reach out to 9Fold, and they will be more than glad to discuss the details of each available ordering system they have.

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