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From hosting online meetings to keeping up with friends and playing games, we rely on our phones for just about everything these days. So when your phone breaks, it’s understandable that you’d feel concerned.

Estimates show that Americans spend over $3 billion per year on broken phone screens alone, showing that broken phones are more common than ever. Now, it’s more of a matter of “when” instead of “if.”

But fixing your phone doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.

What do you do when your phone breaks? Keep reading to find out!

Contact Your Phone Carrier to Ask About Insurance

Since the smartphone boom (and the subsequent increase in broken screens), carriers have offered customers the option of paying a monthly fee for phone insurance.

If you’ve never had to use it before, think of it like health or auto insurance. You’ll find your account number, file a claim, and your carrier will fix the phone for you or replace it outright.

It’s worth noting that, like other forms of insurance, phone carriers add a deductible. As such, they may not cover the entire cost of the screen repair, but they’ll cover enough to make the price of insurance worth it.

If you don’t already have phone insurance, look into a plan sooner rather than later. Phones break all the time and an insurance plan is cheaper than having to buy a new phone at cost.

Consider an Upgrade

If you don’t have an insurance plan, you’re not out of luck yet. Look over the details of your contract and find out when you’re eligible for an upgrade.

You might be eligible for an upgrade if it’s been several years since you purchased your current phone or you’ve paid for the total cost of your phone.

Keep in mind that upgrading means sticking with your phone carrier. So if you’re unhappy with their service, this might be a good time to switch providers.

Look Into Screen Replacement

Don’t pay for that new phone quite yet. It might be cheaper to take your current phone to a local screen replacement shop and have them repair your phone.

Mobile repair shops are all over the place, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one in your area. Plus, they’re affordable so you won’t have to spend a fortune if you don’t have mobile insurance.

Depending on the severity of the damage and your phone model, it may take a day or two to get your phone back. But rest assured, repair shops only use the highest quality parts, so your phone will be as good as new when you get it back.

What Do You Do When Your Phone Breaks?

You don’t have to walk around with a cracked screen or malfunctioning smartphone! Whether you’re looking to replace your phone, fix it up at a repair shop, or upgrade, don’t sweat a cracked screen.

So, what do you do when your phone breaks? Your shrug it off because you have options!

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