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You’re driving late at night after visiting some relatives. You cruise along your normal route as the green light shines brightly. Then, the unexpected happens.

Another car disregards the red light and hits your vehicle.

Surprisingly, driving under the influence (DUI) cases in some parts of the United States went up despite the pandemic. The bars may not be open, but the open freeways tend to give false security for drivers.

The next few minutes after getting hit by a drunk driver are the most crucial. These precious minutes will set the tone and direction of where the situation leads to.

Thus, the question at hand: do you know what to do next after getting hit by a drunk driver? If not, then we invite you to continue reading below for the answers.

Keep Calm When Hit by a Drunk Driver

After getting hit by a drunk driver, the first thing you should do is to remain calm. This may be challenging at first with all the mixed emotions you’re going through. Some people will be in shock.

Others may feel angry or full of confusion.

However, the key to turning the situation in your favor is to keep calm. Thus, you want to regain your composure and call 911 immediately. Tell the dispatcher all the details that you can about what happened.

If there are any injuries, mention it as well. If you are with someone who has injuries, do not attempt to move him. This may only worsen his injuries.

Also, you want to check your surroundings and the extent of the damage. If you don’t have any major injuries, move your vehicle to a safe spot. Don’t forget to turn on your hazard lights to warn other motorists.

Think Twice Before Settling

Sometimes, the party at fault will offer a settlement. In such instances, think twice before agreeing to anything.

The key is to avoid signing anything or agreeing to anything. If there is anything you need to sign, it should only be the police or first responders’ documents.

Also, don’t sign anything from the other party’s insurance company. Talk to your insurance provider first, so you don’t get the short end of the stick.

Keep in mind that if you sign anything, you risk losing more. Signing an agreement could mean letting the drunk driver free from any succeeding claims that may come out of the accident.

Take Pictures of Everything

If you can stand up and walk, take pictures of the accident. Take pictures of the license plate of the other vehicle. Do the same thing with the damages to your vehicle.

If you see that the other driver is drunk, consider taking pictures of any evidence pointing to his intoxication. If you see liquor bottles in his car, take snapshots of them and use them as evidence when you file a case.

And if you can take a video of the driver’s bloodshot eyes or slurred speech, do so.

Work With the Police and Get Medical Care

Next, you need to work with the police as they gather the details of the accident. As the law enforcers investigate the scene, tell them everything about the accident.

Answer all their questions as truthfully as possible.

Also, you need to tend to your medical care. Ideally, you want the medics to take a good look at you. Join them inside the ambulance and allow them to examine your injuries.

However, some people refuse the examination of the first responders. If this is the route you wish to take, make sure to see a doctor still for a thorough examination.

You may not have visible cuts and wounds, but you may already be suffering from internal injuries. Sometimes, it is the neck of car crash victims that require careful examination.

Connect With the Driver’s Insurance Company

Another thing you should do after the accident is to connect with the other party’s insurance company. Your goal is to inform them that you are looking to file a claim against their client.

Usually, you can get the details of the insurance company from the accident report. Contact the insurance provider and let them know about your intent to file a claim.

When talking to the insurance carrier, be wary of their attempts at a settlement. As we mentioned earlier, do not agree with anything, especially if you’re still waiting for the complete results of your medical evaluation.

Connect With Your Insurance Provider

Besides talking to the other camp’s insurance provider, you also need to contact your insurance carrier. Tell them about what happened and provide all the requirements they ask from you.

This will get the ball rolling and expedite the process of your claim.

Generally, they will ask for a copy of the accident report. They will also request photos of the accident, especially the damage to your vehicle. Moreover, they will ask for the names of everyone who was part of the accident.

This includes the names and badge numbers of the first responders.

After giving all the details, ask about the details of your coverage. You want to ask about your deductible. You also want to know the time limits for submitting your claim.

And since you want the insurance to cover your vehicle’s repairs, you need to get an estimate for the repairs. In this case, you need to coordinate with the insurance adjuster.

Contact a Reputable DUI Lawyer

Last but not least, you need to find a reputable lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. Finding a car accident lawyer is crucial if you want to get the proper compensation you deserve.

A good DUI lawyer should know how to work around such cases. He will make sure that you will not miss a thing that may compromise your claim.

Increase Your Legal Knowledge

Getting hit by a drunk driver may rattle most people. But if you know how to deal with the aftermath, you can move forward from the incident and get the compensation that’s rightfully yours. But a car accident is not the only instance where you may need legal assistance.

Check out our other articles where we discuss other cases and legal matters. Continue increasing your legal knowledge.

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