What to Do if Someone is Stalking You: An Informative Guide

In the United States, one in 6 women has experienced stalking at a point in their life. Stalking is a traumatic experience which can contribute to emotions like fear and despair.

However, with this guide, you can learn what to do if someone is stalking you. From avoiding communication to changing your routine, you can stay safe with these easy tricks.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at how to deal with a stalker:

Avoid Any and All Communication With the Stalker

A stalker wants to have power over you. If you provide them with any sort of response, even telling them to leave, that would mean they would have successfully manipulated you into responding to them. Thus, it’s best not to react impulsively instead avoid all communication with that someone who is stalking you.

That means, don’t respond to their emails, texts, or even social media comments. Instead, save them. They could prove to be useful later on.

If you see your stalker in person, try not to display any reaction. Simply try your best to present your normal self.

Take All Threats Seriously

Take All Threats Seriously

If a stalker has directly threatened to harm you or your friends, believe them. Contact your local law enforcement officer immediately and make plans for your safety.

Make sure to keep a record of all the threats you received, whether online or through text. That way, police can accurately assess the stalker.

Also, make a note that stalkers may threaten to commit suicide to try and manipulate you, especially if you were in a prior romantic relationship with them. If this does occur, contact law enforcement rather than engaging with the stalker. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Here you don’t have to take things seriously, which may turn into the tragic ones.

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Make Changes to Your Technology

If your stalker had previous access to your laptop, phone, or tablet, you might want to replace those devices. They might be infected with GPS tracking devices or spyware.

You also should get a new email address and phone number. That way, your stalker can’t see who you’re contacting. No guarantee that stalker may be on a mission to obtain benefits from your account or even can damage your online reputation. So be extra careful.

Make sure to change your passwords as well. That includes any banking information, online accounts, and shopping websites.

Tell Others About Your Stalker

It’s essential to let others close to you know that someone is stalking you. There’s no shame in telling people that you trust about your concerns. In fact, it will help build a much-needed support system.

Tell people like close friends, family members, colleagues, or those in your community. You may also want to inform people who present themselves in an authoritative role. For example, you can tell your school principal, a security officer at work, or a university official.

Show them a picture of your stalker or give them details as to what he or she looks like. That way, they know who to look out for. Don’t forget to ask for help from your place authority and your friends/colleagues for the same case.

Also, let them know what they should do if they see this person lurking around. For instance, you can say, “if you see this person call the police right away.” That way, if your stalker does show up, you don’t have to worry; instead, you’ll already have the police to help you.

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Develop a Concise Plan

Develop A Concise Plan when someone stalking you

You’ll need to develop a plan that you can quickly put into motion if you feel scared or threatened. This may include having a safe place to stay or singling someone in the event of an emergency.

You can even have an emergency bag packed if you believe you’ll need to leave in a hurry. Items may include clothes, essential papers, as well as important travel supplies. Also, consider using a code word to inform close family members and friends when you’re not safe.

A code word can be as simple as chamomile tea. For instance, you could say, “I’m going to go shopping for chamomile tea” to show friends that you’re in danger. However, try not to make it too complicated that way; it doesn’t sound too out of place or awkward.

Get help from your close friends and make a plan to trick stalkers anyway. The purpose is to collect proofs, confirming that your doubt is not pointless. That helps you the most, at the time while complaining to workplace or school authority or to even filing a police complaint.

Change Your Routine

Change your daily routine and try your best to avoid any patterns that way, it can be hard to anticipate and follow. You can do so by taking a different route to work, leaving at different times, as well as switching the time of various activities.

If you found that someone is stalking you and keeping eyes on your daily routine, then this is the best trick you can practice. Moreover, if later on, you find that their schedule also changes as per yours, then it’s not a coincidence, but a planned-strategy to stay around you and keep eyes on you.

So from now take extra concern over it and follow the other tricks given here.

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Learn Self-defense

Learn Self Defense to tackle stalking and harassments

Learning how to defend yourself in the event of an attack can help you feel more prepared and less vulnerable.

You can take a self-defense class. They’re usually located in fitness centers, and even some classes are given at community centers as well as universities. You can also carry a self-defense weapon such as pepper spray or a gun.

Self-defense is the top priority when it’s only you know that someone is stalking you. Especially, when you can’t inform others or others don’t believe you or you have no other proof to prove it.

Till you collect all proven things against stalkers, you have to keep your own self safe. And that’s only what you have to do at first, by learning self-defense techniques.

Secure Your Home

It’s imperative to take precaution measures to protect your home and keep yourself safe while residing in it. Make sure to tell your neighbors about your situation so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior happening in the neighborhood. Some precautionary measures you can take include:

  • Giving a spare key to a trusted neighbor instead of hiding it somewhere on your property.
  • Keep all windows and doors locked at all times. Also, keep the curtains closed.
  • Installing a security system or a security camera around your property.

If you are living away from your parent’s house, without any close friends and relatives around, then inform your neighbors about this incident. Take help from them. Try to stay along with your friends’ circle, if possible. That informs the stalker that you are not alone, but there’s someone with you.

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Start Documenting

It’s important that you keep a record of and document any threatening phone conversations, text messages, social media comments, or emails. Also, don’t throw away any items or trinkets that the stalker might have given or left for you. Instead, pass them along to law enforcement.

Inform your Stalker. Strictly, Of course.

That’s probably the toughest thing you can do to stalkers, also involves a good amount of risk. Why? Because with that you will go eye-for-an-eye. That way your stalker being informed that you are not comfortable with their behavior. So from here, they probably will do it with more concern, or just do it frequently to diminish your confidence.

But it is the best option when that stalker is somewhat familiar with you, are your relatives or past ones. Talking strictly with such a person will make them realize what they are doing and get to know the worst case it can turn into. Of course, they also have their own self-respect and reputation to look for. Don’t hesitate to inform them that you don’t like their behavior, that may change their thinking for you, for sure.

Be Bold. Take Action.

Be Bold. Take Action against stalkers

No matter wherever you are experiencing stalking, it should not be taken lightly anyway, anytime. Treating things normally, you’re just giving an opportunity to stalkers to harass and make you feel lower. Don’t let that person take charge of your minds, be your own protector.

That’s right, it’s time to take action against such negative behavior towards you. Whether you are facing it at your workplace, or in school or at friends gathering, just don’t ignore it. Also don’t expect that person will change by the time. It’s your responsibility to protect yourself first, so Be bold and take action against any stalking, harassments, bulling and even ignorance anywhere else.

Keep Distance Yourself from Stalkers.

It’s obvious that you are feeling scared inside when someone keeps stalking you, ultimately that makes you feel low no matter whatever the life situation you are in. But instead of giving more chances to stalkers to affect you negatively, you better take control of your life. Think from a logical aspect and focus to stay away from such negative persons and negativity they pass to you.

That doesn’t mean to ignore such a suspicious person and their behavior, but not to let it impact your positive aspects of life. As far as you keep oneself busy and separate from all this, you feel relaxed and safe inside. Certainly, you can change your place, driving route, schedule, so that you don’t have to face that stalker anymore.

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Find their Past Targets, Victims Who Faced the Same Situation.

If you find someone’s suspicious behavior towards you at a new job or place you shift recently then, you need to keep more eye on it. Agreed that, you are feeling insecure about telling the higher authority about it and don’t want to create any negative scenes at a new place. But keep a distance from the person, that’s what you need to do here.

Moreover, collect more insights about the stalker. Means, find, Is that happening to you only or someone also faced the same. Luckily, you’ll find that other past targets who have faced the same situation as you are now. Exactly…now you have living proof. So time to take the next step and inform higher authority at your place regarding this repeated situation, along with the past victims, to make a valid point and draw mass attention to such serious matters.

Don’t Give Stalkers a Liberty To Do Any Wrong To You.

Of course, you are feeling hurt, frustrated, or scared while addressing your worst experiences like his. Don’t think about it from the one side only. Presume, things can go the worst for sure, if you do nothing. Don’t give chance to stalkers to keep creating troubles for you and make you feel uncomfortable. Your silence will encourage whatever negative things they plan to do with you. Just, don’t let your security on a chance.

Till you collect the valid proofs to take strict action, keep your mind open and think from every aspect. Again, don’t take things too rashly, lightly and even as a joke anymore. Trust your instincts, keep your mind open, be ready to take preventive actions. Act as you are not aware, but keep eyes on everything that happens against you and the person who is responsible for it.

Stay in a Group and Surround Yourself, Always.

Ask For The Right Help if you're being stalked by strangers

If you move away from home and stay alone with a new friend, then saving yourself from any negative consequence is a top priority. Have you found that someone is stalking you at a new place, and seems suspicious inside you? Then try to surround yourself with new friends, at a new place. Keep yourself organized with others and stay with your group.

Probably, your stalker is hunting for the chance to find you alone. You are at a new place and that person is a stranger for you, so take preventive action from very first. Inform your friends and roommates about it, they surely will help you to make a way out of it and protect you from the person. Do everything to make the stalker realize that you are not alone, you have someone to take care of.

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Ask For the Right Help. Don’t Try to Solve it By Yourself Alone.

And the common mistake that most individuals make in the same case is, trying to figure out all by themselves. Due to mental stress, safety, and lack of trust, they avoid taking help from others, too. All they want to do is to solve this case all alone. But later, in the end, they will find themselves get trapped in the stalker’s plan.

Instead of being the victim of the stalker or any negative character, it’s always better to talk to others and inform them about the case. Ask for help, from family members, closed ones, your surrounding, and that best friend who supports you. You don’t have to fight against it all alone, get support from those who are ready to help you.

Unsure of What to Do if Someone is Stalking You? Use These Tips Today!

Stalking is no laughing matter; that’s why you should take every action very seriously. Try not to respond to your stalker’s comments. A stalker simply wants power over you. Don’t give them that power.

It might be a good idea to let friends and family know early on so they can help and support you this difficult journey. Also, make sure to keep records of and document all messages, phone conversations, as well as emails. That way, law enforcement can use them as evidence to create a case against the stalker.

So, that’s what our suggestions are for what to do if someone is stalking you. Do you have any extra tips to help our reader for the same? Then let us know in the comment section below.

Also, inform us, how you have handled such a situation if you also faced the same in the past.

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