What to do before exam What to do before exam

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to take some competitive exam or a regular exam at your college or school, the word ‘exam’ brings up a lot of anxiety. 

But, what to do before an exam to prepare for it, so you can do your best- is an important question. Because, even though you’ve been studying regularly, it’s the pressure that impacts your performance. 

So in this post, we are sharing some of the best things you can do before an exam to reduce your stress level and help you unwind. 

This will ensure you are more focused on doing well, rather than feeling stressed over something as- failing an exam or losing your memory during a mid-exam break. 

Top 7 Things To Do Before Exam To Lower Pressure

Top 7 things to do before exam to lower pressure

We suppose that you’ve not studied well so far in the last few weeks and nothing seems wrong with your practice or study for this exam.

But, it is the exam pressure that causes tension, and here are some ways to lower that. 

1. Calm down., It’s just an exam. 

Calm down, it’s just an exam.  

It’s okay if you have some short notes and want to refer to some points. But, you shouldn’t do it till the last minute before entering the hall, too. When you do this, you will feel pressured, and it will make you think you left something out.

Instead of reading, you can do something to calm down your negative thoughts. You can play some games, listen to your favorite music on Spotify, listen to podcasts or just take a nap. 

2. Sleep early and wake up early before the exam day. 

Sleep early and wake up early before the exam day.  

You already know when the exam will be the exam, so it’s better if you prepare for it earlier than waiting for the final week the last day. That way, you can be more relaxed, stay focused, and actually prepare well for your exam. 

Get enough sleep the night before the exam and wake up earlier than usual. Not to study but to make an exam day an exciting one, instead of treating it like a judgmental day. When you have such free time, you feel more comfortable for the exam, that’s for sure.

Here are some good things to do when you can’t sleep.

3. Talk positive to yourself. No negative-talk. 

Talk positive to yourself. No negative talk.  

Well, this you really need to do before the exam to remain calm and get yourself comfortable with the exam situation around. To feel positive, try reading some articles of your choice or refer to some positive and motivational quotes. 

Else, you can read and write some positive affirmations about yourself. There’s nothing to feel negative about anything or you. You’re already up to this test, and you’ll get a great result eventually. 

4. Do some mental exercise for your brain. 

Do some mental exercise for your brain.  

An exam tests your memory and mental strength. Make sure you think more rationally in order to do well on exams. It would be better if you read something interesting and not just related to exam material or guides.

If you want to do some physical exercise that’s fine you can do that, as well. In general, it helps you to relax from exam pressure and makes you feel more active. Ensure that the exercise you’re doing is a light one that doesn’t put pressure on your body. 

5. Be sure to take everything you need in the bag.

Be sure to take everything you need in the bag.

The exams are not only about what you write on the paper but also about how you manage yourself in such situations. To prepare yourself for the tests, you also need to organize everything you need for the test.

Be sure you have everything you need, such as pencils, pens, calculators, erasers, and other exam essentials. That’s why we suggested that you wake up early on the exam day in order to manage and prepare everything necessary for the test.

You also need to check this list of trending college backpacks, if you’re looking for the new one.

6. Get to the examination center early.

Get to the examination center early.

It’s extremely important for you to arrive at the exam on time. Instead of staying on the couch and reading, it would be best if you get there half an hour ago. It will help ease some of the stress. It will also get you in the right mental state for your exam. 

The earlier you get there, the more comfortable you will feel before the test. Which eventually will make you more attentive to what you are writing. Being late can leave you feeling tense and affect your ability to perform well on exams.

7. You should know how to keep yourself motivated.

It’s your exam and how you’re going to feel. It’s up to you. If you manage your time right and are serious about the exam, you will begin preparing the day you receive the schedule. If not, you might find yourself searching for the important points here and there before the last hour before the exam. 

But, like everyone who prepares for exams differently, they take it differently. Studying is fine, but how you deal with the exam situation is your decision. So make sure you know how to keep focused and motivated. It could be taking a walk in the morning or listening to some music. Save some playlists that you know will help you feel more positive and motivated, especially when you need it. 

Your exam is a big day, so make it a great day by following some positive guides.

Ending notes

We hope these tips will help you to understand what to do before exams are more likely to help you cope with the pressure and make it like a big match. The exam is the same like that, it’s just some people make it seem so stressful and challenging. 

Else, it could be as exciting and enjoyable as watching or playing your favorite sports, even knowing that you could also fail there, too.  So, wish you all the best for your exam!

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