‘ Tring ..ting…tring..ting..’ !

Our morning alarm rings and we flee to our routine schedule, isn’t so?

Yeah, it happens every single day. All starting with huge yawns and up to the breakfast plate at dining table. Is it all about to jump on daily diet and rushing to work directly?

If yes, pause for a while. We all have hectic schedule for professionals, students, children, homemaker and any other person in current scenario. It usually leads to tiredness, annoyance, stress, tight situation , hatred nature towards particular people or things and many other unwanted changes personal relations and life! We don’t get enough time for self introspection, our health and other crucial matters. One should manage to get at least 15 minutes for his or herself. What can we do for that? What should be done in these 15 precious beginning minutes of our day? myriads of things!

Meditation, exercises, full on laughing therapy, aerobics, gardening, listening to good music, jogging and many other things which you love to do! Even if it may be to feed seeds and veggies to your precious pet birds according to this guide or to provide food to animals, to help the needy, or to pray for world peace and all the human beings.

To walk in natural environment, to gossip with dear and near ones at home, to smile at any known or unknown person which can make his or her day energetic! This all will enhance your energy, vim power and readiness to work. You will not feel any tension, pain, workload and problem so much in your whole day. All these activities will boost up your inner strength, positivity, enthusiasm, a drastic change in your view-point towards every little things during the whole day. It will attract your inner joy.

You can also be grateful for the things that god has given you and you are enjoying it. The time you spend in morning after these many things or such activities will be proved as ‘Quality Time’! All this is a single trail to lead you towards your passion and zeal for your work , to boost up an energy towards your  dream or goal for a day!

Be energetic, enthusiastic, happy and rocking! Love to do it! Start your day with such stuff. Practice it daily. Spread happiness! Avoid stress and exaggeration by such deeds!

Have a great day and enjoy your breakfast!

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