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Are you one of the many who has had to transition to #workfromhome life this year?

Some have discovered they are more productive working from home, with fewer distractions and more freedom to work at their own pace. Others have felt inundated with the chaos of working from home from juggling remote learning for the kids, interruptions from a partner or roommate’s loud conference call, or simply the isolation that comes with missing that thriving office culture.

The good news is that many are going through the same thing, and there are concrete and productive ways we can find joy while improving work productivity. Here are some solutions to help you set up a home office or designated workspace that will make you feel creative, productive, and fulfilled.

1. Find A Work-Life Balance

The most important step in creating a productive home office is setting boundaries and creating a work-life balance. When your spouse, roommate, or kids are in the house reminding you of life’s distractions, it can be hard to zero-in and focus on your workday. Set clear boundaries for yourself and others in your household so you can find the clarity to get your work done and spend more time with family and friends.

2. Create A Designated Workspace

If you don’t have a home office where you can close the door, take the time to create a designated workspace for yourself. This will be huge in allowing you to focus and separate your home life from your work life. Whether you’re trying to find that perfect location for your next zoom meeting, applying for a new job, or working on a creative project, you can benefit from creating a designated space for your work and setting clear boundaries with the people around you.

3. Incorporate Plant Life

Add some joy to your workspace by picking out some lovely plants! Succulents are a popular office plant as they are hardy, require little watering, and essentially thrive on being left alone. Simply looking at a plant can reduce stress, making them an excellent addition to your home office. There are hundreds of plants to choose from, and once you add a succulent friend to your desk, I’ll challenge you to stop at just one!

4. Hang A Wall Calendar

Having a planner is great, but having one on your wall is even better! Keep yourself accountable in the midst of life’s distractions by investing in a wall calendar or chalkboard that will help you keep track of zoom meetings, conference calls, and other obligations.

5. Personalize It

After you invest in a quality desk chair (because you have to protect your neck and back, and keep that posture!) consider personalizing it by adding a nice pillow for extra lumbar support, or throw a colorful blanket over the back for some color and some coverage on those chilly days.

6. Make It Scent-Sational

A candle or diffuser can be a very calming and a personal addition to your workspace. Choose something that complements your aesthetic, with a scent like calming lavender or invigorating lemongrass.

7. Put Your Loved Ones On Display

Adding framed pictures in view of your workspace can really help you get through the week! On even the hardest days, seeing the happy faces of family and friends can remind you to keep going. Especially since we’ve been socially distant from loved ones this year, it can be comforting to see their pictures. Check out Target or TJMaxx for some cute and affordable frames that fit your style.

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Light It Up

Overhead lighting is great, but anyone can benefit from the addition of a lamp to their desk! Besides adding more light to your workspace and preventing eye strain, a lamp is a great way to personalize your work-from-home area. Bonus points if you can squeeze your desk next to a window for some added natural light to boost your mood and productivity!

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