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As we get older, back pain can be “normal” and is a result of our everyday life. For instance, sitting for the majority of the day, lifting objects, or even just completing a challenging workout can all put a strain on your back.

If your back pain is prolonged or intense, you might be wondering “is my back pain serious?” There are several warning signs that indicate back pain may be a symptom of a more serious back problem, you just have to be on the lookout.

Although back pain is common, there are several things to watch out for to ensure that there are no underlying, more serious issues. Here, we’re sharing the top warning signs that you should be on the lookout for. Just keep on reading to find out what they are!

1. Sharp or Radiating Pain

Most common, everyday back pain comes in the form of a dull ache that can be treated with methods to relieve back pain. While it’s annoying and uncomfortable, it’s nothing compared to the sharp or radiating pain of something more serious.

If you’re experiencing sharp pains in your back, you could have a torn muscle or ligament, or there could be a problem with an internal organ.

If your pain is shooting and “moves” through your body, you could have a nerve compression condition.

2. Limb Weakness

Compressed nerves in the spine can make for horrible back pain, and they can cause your arms and legs to feel weak.

Are you experiencing sudden weakness in your arms or legs? If so, head to the nearest hospital. While limb weakness could be the result of many factors, it can also be indicative of a stroke.

3. Numbness in the Groin or Glutes

Numbness in your groinal region or a pins and needles sensation in your glutes may be the cause of your back pain and can be indicative of a serious nerve or spinal condition.

This type of numbing sensation is known as saddle anesthesia and can be a warning sign of a medical emergency.

4. Incontinence

If your back pain is paired with fecal incontinence, then you could have a serious spine condition or nerve compression.

Incontinence can be a symptom of both discitis and meningitis, which are serious back conditions that need medical attention immediately. Chronic male incontinence may require prescriptions or men’s catheters to treat effectively.

Is Your Pain Indicative of a More Serious Back Problem?

An achy, sore back from time to time is normal. However, if your pain is debilitating or persists for a long time, you may have a more serious back problem on your hands. Now that you’re aware of these top warning signs, you can be more informed and on the lookout

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