Types of injuries suffered by motorcycle passengers in an accident Types of injuries suffered by motorcycle passengers in an accident

Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than their automobile counterparts. According to the NHTSA – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2017, those driving on a motorcycle or are passengers on a motorcycle are nearly 30 times more likely to be a fatality in a motorcycle crash when compared to those who are passengers or drivers in an automobile.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) notes that the fatalities from motorcycle accidents – when compared to automobiles in 2017 were as follows –

  • Occupant Fatality Rate for Motorcycles per 100,000 Registered Motorcycles: 59.34%
  • Injury Rate for Motorcycles per 100,000 Registered Motorcycles:  1,018 injuries
  • Fatality Rate for Passenger Cars per 100,000 Vehicles: 10.05%

In 2017, motorcycles were involved in more than 5,300 accidents.

Passengers on a motorcycle tend to travel at the mercy of the driver’s ability, reflexes, as well as the other drivers on the road. And, as noted above, injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are generally more substantial than the injuries received by passengers in automobiles.

Common Types of Injuries Suffered by Motorcycle Passengers in an Accident

While some motorcycle accidents leave passengers with bumps and bruises, many injuries from a motorcycle accident will require medical help and often, a significant amount of time to recover. A more serious accident may bring about any number of injuries to passengers involved in a motorcycle crash. Consider these common types of injuries to a passenger on a motorcycle –

Head injuries

Even with protective head gear and helmets, accidents can happen when riding on a motorcycle. However, helmets and head gear will decrease the likelihood of a severe injury and their use is highly encouraged.

Additionally, a passenger’s eardrum can be affected by a motorcycle accident, which may permanently or permanently impact your hearing ability.

Muscle Damage

The human body has more than 550 muscles, any of which can be damaged in a motorcycle crash.  Many injuries to passengers in a motorcycle accident are muscle sprains, although a severe crash to easily tear any number of muscles in the body.

Biker’s Arm

The colloquial term refers to any injury to an arm from a motorcycle accident and so-named because of a driver or passenger’s natural inclination to put their hand down to brace themselves for a fall.

A biker’s arm injury includes injuries like –

  • Arm muscle pulls and tears
  • Tendons and ligaments injuries
  • Broken bones or fractures

Leg & Foot Injuries

These lower extremities are often the first to hit the ground when involved in a motorcycle accident. Like the arm injuries noted above, a passenger or driver’s feet or legs could be bruised, cut, burned, or broken in a crash.

Injuries to the Face

Helmets are essential protective gear to protect from head injuries; however, full-face helmets also help prevent injuries to a passenger’s face. It is important to take precautions as a passenger or driver on a motorcycle, and a helmet is the simplest way to protect your head and face.

Spinal Injuries

A spinal injury happens less frequently than other motorcycle injuries, although the possibility exists for it to happen, especially in a serious crash. A passenger’s spine –

  • Can become bruised.
  • May have a slipped disc.
  • May have a cracked vertebra.

The most serious spinal injuries happen when a passenger is thrown from the bike and into a larger object, like another vehicle or a tree.

Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma often leaves a long-lasting impact on the driver or passenger in a motorcycle accident. Emotional trauma can disrupt someone’s life and change their view of the world and themselves. And while bones will eventually heal and scars will hopefully fade, emotional trauma can last indefinitely if not addressed appropriately. Psychological trauma is best managed using several therapy methods.

Each person involved in a motorcycle crash will need to decide if the accident was serious enough to consider a lawsuit.

Suppose the responsible parties (or insurance companies) are not taking care of your medical needs and other expenses. If this is the circumstance, it may be time to speak with an attorney to determine if you have a viable lawsuit. Spanish speaking workers need a lawyer (abogado de accidente de moto) as well who can help them navigate the legal system.

It is critical to speak with a skilled lawyer if the injuries from a motorcycle accident are significant and will likely cause enduring damage to your body or a lasting disruption to your life. In this circumstance, a skilled legal team is exactly what you will need to understand your rights as a motorcycle passenger involved in a motorcycle accident.

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