4 Trending Traditional Mexican Food Dishes to explore

Some of the most popular Mexican dishes include pico de gallo, enchiladas, and fava bean soup. If you’re looking for a sweet Mexican dish, you might find yourself making paletas de arroz con leche.

If you’re looking for ways to make traditional Mexican food then you’re in luck! This article will discuss the different ways to create authentic traditional Mexican dishes. Read on to explore how to make traditional Mexican dishes, and impress your friends and family today!

1. Corn

Many traditional Mexican food recipes will include corn as their staple. Once you’ve bought your corn from places such as www.masienda.com, then you’re ready to get cooking!

From tacos to enchiladas, atole to tortillas, you can find it in various meals. First, the hull is removed and the corn is treated with an alkali.

This is when it becomes the main ingredient in posole. Masa harina is what you find in corn tortillas and tamales.

2. Chile Peppers

Authentic Mexican dishes aren’t afraid of including various chile peppers for that picante flavor. You can choose from a large variety of peppers for your dishes including Jalapeños. They’re the most common peppers along with chipotles.

One popular Mexican dish is the Chiles Rellenos. This is where large poblano chiles have spicy meat or cheese inside. Chili con carne isn’t a Mexican dish and instead is an American dish.

3. Bocoles Huastecos

Bocoles is similar to Pupusas and Arepas. Bocoles are corn cakes that are from masa. When you’re wondering how to use masa (corn dough), try out this recipe.

Gorditas and bocoles differ since they have lard, and are grilled on a griddle and not fried. Some argue that they’re healthier since they’re not fried in oil. If you’re vegetarian, instead of lard, you can use oil/butter.

Bocoles can be traced back to the Huasteca region. The states of this area include Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo, Tamaulipas, Veracruz, and Puebla.

These can be enjoyed as a snack or part of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They’re quick to make, and you can add any toppings that you enjoy. In order to make them into a meal, you can add your protein and cheese.

For vegetarians, you can use grilled mushrooms. Meat eaters can add pork or chicken to their meal.

4. Pozole Rojo

If you’re looking for something that’s spicy, salty, and fills you up, add pozole rojo to the menu. It has chilies, garlic, pork, and hominy. Pozole rojo is similar to a mix between a stew and soup.

Use a pressure cooker to cut down on time, and enjoy it in 20-30 minutes instead of 2-3 hours. Many are against using canned hominy since it can become mushy.

Exploring Traditional Mexican Dishes

Now that you’ve explored more about incorporating traditional Mexican dishes, you should be ready to whet your appetite and make delicious meals. For more lifestyle content, check out our other articles today.

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