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In the U.S., the average actor earns around $52,000 a year while the vast majority take home $1,000 a year from acting jobs.

When you compare that to the staggering amount that Hollywood actors and actresses, there’s no surprise that many flocks to LA hoping to appear on the big screen. But what about the A-list stars and how much did they get paid this year?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the highest-paid movie stars in 2020.

Dwayne Johnson

There’s no surprise that Dwayne Johnson tops the “Highest-Paid Actors” list. The Rock cashed in a huge check for Red Notice and saw success with his popular Under Armour line where buyers look stylish thanks to their range of clothes and shoes.

You can only imagine what his pay stub looks like. Speaking of, check out this pay stub template to streamless the payroll process for you.

Sofia Vergara

One of the highest-paid actresses, Sofia Vergara, earned a staggering $43 million this year. Although the fantastic Modern Family came to a close, Vergara begins her role as a judge on America’s Got Talent which gave her a massive paycheck. Not to mention the endorsements she has from her line of jeans at Walmart and furniture at Rooms To Go.

Ryan Reynolds

Thanks to his box office earnings, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds earned over $20 million for Six Underground and Red Notice. Netflix also announced that there will be the third film in the summer so hold on tight. There’s a high chance it could be bigger than the 2020 box office hits.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has graced our screens since the ’90s and has made a fortune since. Jolie made a large chunk of her money from hits like Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Come Away. But in 2020, the star made most of her money from Marvel’s The Eternals and earned a staggering $35.5 million.

Will Smith

One of the highest-grossing movies was Boys for Life which contributed to Will Smith’s $44.5 million earnings. The Fresh Prince star also earned a big check for his role as King Richard where he plays Richard Williams, the father of the tennis champs Serena and Venus. Plus, Will Smith earns plenty through his new Snapchat series and buzzing Instagram account.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot partnered up with the streaming giant Netflix and earned over $20 million for her role in Red Notice. Plus, our favorite Wonderwoman got a fair cut from sponsorships and other deals. As a result, Gal Gadot earned a staggering $31 million in 2020.

These Are the Highest-Paid Movie Stars in 2020

Hopefully, you now know who the top highest-paid movie stars are this year.

Despite the pandemic and social distancing restrictions, these actors have tidied up through endorsements, deals, or Netflix. Luckily it shows that there is still plenty of entertainment for us to enjoy whether it’s on the big and small screen.

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