Trending group discussion topics Trending group discussion topics

Group discussions are essential for the selection process, especially for the management position.  The process can be structured and unstructured. The discussion helps selectors to judge each candidate based on their contribution to the debate with own problem-solving skills.

As group discussions are an approach to share the opinion on a particular topic or a subject, that purpose of it also varies. That can be suggestions, decision making, creative ideas, knowledge sharing and all.

The reason group discussions are taken as part of the selection process. Because these are a way to judge the candidates’ capability throughout.  Moreover knowing one’s command over a particular subject, that also reveals many more personal skill sets such as:

  • Interpersonal
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Topic interest
  • Logical & analytical skill
  • Team roles

Further sharing the Top 10 trending group discussion subjects. Also each subject’s 10 Group Discussion Topics you should be ready to present yourself unique in the conversion.

Types of Group Discussion Subjects: 

Types of group discussion subjects 

  1. International Affairs
  2. Social Issues
  3. Business
  4. Economy
  5. Abstract
  6. Environment
  7. Controversial subject
  8. Education
  9. Management
  10. General Interest

1. Group Discussion Topics on International Affairs

Group discussion topics on international affairs

  1. Coronavirus: The impact on the global economy
  2. India-US relations: Friendship or Long term business strategy ??
  3. Covid-19: The theory of Bio-weapon
  4. Brexit: Discuss Pros and cons on European economy
  5. BRICS Union: Sustainable Growth strategies
  6. Is War the only solution to handle international disputes?
  7. Impact of US President Donald Trump on the world
  8. Share your views on G-20 summit
  9. What are the rest of the world suffering from the US-China Trade war?
  10. Benefits and threats of Blockchain technology

2. Group Discussion Topics on Social Issues

Group discussion topics on social issues

  1. The biggest problem that current India is facing right now is…
  2. Statue of Unity: Is it worth it?
  3. How social media impacts personal and social life?
  4. Is entrepreneurship against the regular job or what?
  5. How safe is India, for women?
  6. Successful marriage: Love or Arranged ??
  7. Work-Life Balance: Possible or just a myth?
  8. How to stop the Honor killings?
  9. Can we expect the holy river “Ganga” to be cleaned again?
  10. Reservation: Does modern India need that?

3. Group Discussion Topics on Business

Group discussion topics on business

  1. AI & Automation: Will that really damage the Job economy?
  2. Entrepreneurs: Born or made
  3. Globalization: Impact on the local and small business
  4. Make in India: How much is it worth for new India?
  5. Strategy or Execution: Where do startups more invest in?
  6. Digital marketing: Is it the end of traditional marketing?
  7. Are social media ads worth investing in?
  8. Work from Home: Productivity and other perks
  9. Small business: Tips to survive and tackle the competition
  10. Freelancers are the Future

4. Group Discussion Topics on Economy

Group discussion topics on economy

  1. Automobile industry crisis in India
  2. $5 trillion Indian economy goal: Attainable or just Dream
  3. Is stock investment Legal gambling?
  4. Share views on Indian eCommerce policy
  5. GST: How is the market position, Before & After?
  6. Corruption & unemployment in India economy
  7. Demonetization: Impact on Indian economy
  8. India telecom sector crisis: Who is responsible?
  9. China product Bans: Is it possible for India?
  10. Does privatization solve the major economic issues?
  11. The impact of Russia-Ukraine conflicts on the global market.

5. Group Discussion Topics on Abstract

Group discussion topics on abstract

  1. Hard work or Smart work
  2. Managerial skills: What entrepreneurs can learn from women?
  3. Are financial rewards enough to motivate your employees?
  4. Who can be more successful? Night Owl or Early Bird
  5. Controversies: A way of marketing or Publicity stunt
  6. Are breakups, are new startups or what?
  7. Happiness: Is a myth? Or money is everything.
  8. Things to improve in the current education system
  9. Internet: Information source or misconceptions
  10. Why is failure the most important part of success?
  11. How to handle the abstract Group discussion?

6. Group Discussion Topics on Environment

Group discussion topics on environment

  1. Polythene bags: How can we control its usual consumption?
  2. Climate Changes: What are the preventions we have?
  3. Environment – What we have done to our nature
  4. Air pollution: What we can do about it?
  5. Developed or Underdeveloped: Which nations are responsible for global warming?
  6. Do we really need more dams?
  7. Nuclear energy: Power source or threat
  8. Is it time to move towards renewables sources? Or we have to wait for something?
  9. Space debris: Is Space our next target?
  10. Technology impact on social and environmental changes

7. Group Discussion Topics on Controversial subject

Group discussion topics on controversial subject

  1. Medical research on animals. Discuss.
  2. Should every country have to make military service obligatory?
  3. Are single people really happy?
  4. Why do we overrate cricket in India?
  5. What is modern India facing because of reservations?
  6. How do Kids’ reality shows ruin a child’s innocence?
  7. Need to ban Beauty contests
  8. Why aren’t women paid as men for the same role?
  9. School should stop giving homework: Right or Wrong
  10. Do we really need religion?

8. Group Discussion Topics on Education

  1. Should mobile phones be allowed in schools?
  2. Brain drain: who is responsible for that?
  3. Required changes in the education system
  4. Is academic excellence the right measure of intelligence?
  5. What are the things our Government schools lack?
  6. Are our professional courses really developing technical skills?
  7. Should sex education be taught in school?
  8. Arts: The role in traditional education
  9. Is school preparing the Hard workers or smart workers?
  10. Exam-free education system

9. Group Discussion Topics on Management

  1. Management: What is it, Art or Science ??
  2. Family business or Professional position: Where do you learn more?
  3. Is management taught with books? Or can it be learned only with experience?
  4. Advertisements and Business ethics
  5. Outsourcing: Positives & Negative remarks
  6. Management schools: Learning or Just for placements
  7. Are our managerial syllabus updated?
  8. What B-schools produce more? Job creators or Jobseekers
  9. Multinational companies or Startup: At where young managers grow better?
  10. Management degree: A guarantee to success or just a label ?

10. Group Discussion Topics on General Interest

  1. Can India really be the world’s superpower?
  2. Joint family vs. nuclear family: What is better for newborns?
  3. Borderless world: Surety of Peace or something else.
  4. Money vs Passion: What is your motive to work?
  5. Failures: Is it really the stepping stone of success?
  6. How to stop talking about history and working for a Better Future?
  7. Difficulties of the middle class
  8. Facebook or Linked in: What do you prefer?
  9. Video Games: Does it really improve mind power?
  10. How do freshers get experiences when most companies want experienced candidates ?
  11. Web 3.0: The rise of Decentralized internet

Final thoughts

Group discussions are a better way to check one’s personality traits, general knowledge, and presence of mind. Topics discussion indicates their social skills, leadership and problem-solving ability on a given subject.

Where it’s for the professional courses selection process or just a random conversation, the contribution in discussion reveals one’s capability. It shows…How a person can relate to a particular problem and suggest Possible ways in it.

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