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Not only do 90% of homeowners have active plans to remodel their home, but 2/3 of them plan to do so within the next year. If you’re among these people, you likely have been considering which modern front door designs are best for your home. After all, the front door is the first thing that people will see when entering your space- you want to set the tone for what’s to come.

Here, we’re going to talk about some of the ways that you can give your home a modern aesthetic at an affordable price. Read on to make the most of your next renovation project!

Simple Styles You’ll Love

When looking for a front door replacement, it’s important that you first consider the style of door that you’re looking into getting. Between classic lock-and-key systems to sliding doors to arched alternatives, there are so many possibilities. Researching the right aesthetic for your home is the best way to personalize and customize your space to fit your tastes.

When in doubt, a minimalist front door is a great place to start. These doors are rectangular, are opened with a lock and key, and feature primarily one hue. It can be a natural wood color or painted metal, but a minimalist door values simplicity over fanciful decorations.

Since minimalism values the principle that less is more, you’ll be setting a no-frills tone for your classic home interior. If the inside of your house is more sophisticated, stylish, and contemporary, you’ll also be ensuring that the door doesn’t detract from the attention that you want people to pay to your interior.

Glass Windows and Sleek Surfaces

Even those who begin with a minimalist door framework usually like to incorporate some form of glass windows into their design. For the sake of privacy, you can simply cut out small windows and insert colored or fogged glass at the top of your door. This lets you have a steady stream of light while not allowing others to see through it.

If you want to make your front door primarily of glass, you’ll likely appreciate those that feature stained glass patterns. This will get you a huge variety of colored light streaming into your foyer and make your house stand out to onlookers. You can place a thin layer of aluminum on the other side of your door for privacy as well.

Craftsman and Modern Designs

Craftsman-style doors are one of the most popular for homes of all styles and sizes. They’re made from wood or fiberglass and usually feature straight lines. They incorporate three rectangular raised panels across the bottom of the door. Their defining feature is one window at the top in the glass styles that we’ve talked about previously.

Modern front doors are similar to Craftsman styles in that they use straight, contemporary, and bold lines. However, they have square raised panels made from glass, which lets more light into the foyer. They also are usually much larger than Craftsman styles.

Arched and Curved Doorways

Many modern homeowners choose arched doors for the front of their homes because they want a distinct appeal. The top of these doorways curve to fit your specific doorframe, so it’s likely that you would need to custom-order a door that perfectly fits your specifications.

While this is a bit more money, it’s generally still affordable and is worth it because your doorway will be one-of-a-kind. You can choose the exact style you want, what color windows you prefer, and what type of material you want extremely easily. Curved doors can be modern, Craftsman, or rustic depending on your individual tastes.

Colors, Textures, and Beyond

Once you’ve decided on a door style, you can begin to consider the specifics of your design. Choosing colors, cutout locations, and patterns for the surface of your door is a great way to express yourself through design.

Those who visit your house will get a good feel for what your personality is like. You will also feel more comfortable from the moment that you get home because self-expression feels affirming. Read on to learn some ways that you can make your door your own.

What Materials Do You Prefer?

The first thing to consider is what material you want your door made from. Some of the most common include:

  • Wood (a good choice for those who want more natural appeal because they can simply sand and buff the wood and see the gorgeous graining)
  • Fiberglass/plastic (perfect for people who want a colorful door and don’t mind a modern, sleek, and artificial appearance)
  • Aluminum (can be painted all sorts of colors, durable and long-lasting, and more unique than other varieties)
  • Stainless steel (perfect for all weather conditions including those who live in rainy, stormy, and icy areas)
  • Glass (completely gorgeous, comes in a huge variety of colors, lets natural light into your home, and needs a thin layer of plastic or metal behind it to preserve privacy)

Choose Your Hues

All of these options are amazing when it comes to materials, but you also should consider the color that you want your door to be before becoming sold on one. The first step to selecting a color is to ensure that it goes with the rest of your home.

An analogous color scheme is perfect because it consists of 2-3 adjacent colors on the color wheel and therefore never clashes. Many people also like monochromatic schemes, which consist of one neutral color and one bright one. Complementary color schemes are another option that consists of two hues directly across from each other on the color wheel.

You also can consider color psychology when selecting your front door hue. Is your home a calming space that should welcome and relax people? A blue front door will set the tone for that. If you want to convey that your home is energetic and social, cheerful yellow or orange may be a better option.

Textures and Engravings

Wood and fiberglass doors are also awesome because you can have shapes carved into their foundation. These engravings will add some texture to your door and let you customize it more to your liking.

Consider purchasing a custom door with small flowers carved into its foundation. If you’re not a floral person and want something a bit more contemporary, geometric shapes such as interlocking squares will do nicely. You can paint the door regularly after engraving them so it just looks textured and simple.

Accessorizing the Right Way

Regardless of what you choose to do with your door, accessorizing it is an awesome way to make it stand out. The first thing you’ll want to consider here is what doorknob to use- modern styles tend to look best with glass doorknobs in geometric shapes. Squares and triangles made from clear or fogged glass are your best options here, but you can also choose shining metal with sleek lines.

Adding a door knocker is also a great way to make your door stand out. While you may immediately think of antique Victorian homes when you consider lion-head knockers, this isn’t precisely what a modern home would look best with. Think about simple door knockers in a color that matches your trim or roof. Metal is a great material for these features because it’s durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking of trim, you’ll want to choose a color for the trim of your doorway. Make sure that it falls into one of the color schemes that we discussed earlier and consider incorporating trim etching to match those on your main door (if applicable). Remember that creating a cohesive look is one of the most important parts of any renovation.

Security Features

Finally, a modern home can’t afford to skimp out on security features. Lock and key systems are great and have been around since… well, as long as we can remember. However, recently there have been new technologies that can make your home more secure than ever before (and therefore should definitely be installed on your front door).

One of the best security systems is fingerprint recognition technology. You just need to place your fingertips on a small pad by the door and watch it open when it recognizes you. Since no two people have the same fingerprints, this is a pretty foolproof system.

Access Modern Front Door Designs Today

There are a multitude of options for modern front door designs. Whether you want a door made of heavy oak or one made of sleek fogged glass, there are loads of options for you on the current home renovations market.

Check out the ‘home design’ tab on our main page for more ideas on how you can make your home exterior look amazing. If you want to make your house feel luxurious and elegant, you can also look into our ‘luxury homes’ tab for articles on how the most glamorous Americans are making their modern front door designs stand out. Start browsing for ideas on how you can express yourself with door decor!

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