Trending Car Accessories In 2021

5 Trending Car Accessories You Should Own in 2021

People spend several hours of a day traveling in their car. Whether it’s a daily home-to-office commute or a long-distance journey, you expect to have a comfortable experience down the road. Driving through towns and highways doesn’t only have to do with a driver keeping in lane and following traffic signals manually; we can take advantage of technology. 

Most modern vehicles already come with tons of accessories to make an experience a fun ride. If you are expecting to buy a used vehicle, you might as well find fresh technology accessories. On average, a person changes vehicles every five years and looks for the best suitable accessories in their new buy. Getting a used vehicle sets you in an immense variety of model choices you can buy on a great deal. Foremost, getting a Revs Check should be your top priority when one goes shopping for a used vehicle. You can check for finance, written-off history, theft record, simply putting you in a safe spot.  

Besides, if you think you are missing out on the trending accessories, here is the read-out for you.

1. Dash Cams

Have you been in a vehicle accident lately and could not prove it was not your fault. Well, Dash Cams works like a third eye as a digital proof of your road safety. Several dash cams are available in the online marketplace, which delivers outstanding video recording while you are driving or parked in the lot. In recent years, Dash Cams have become the most popular accessories to have in a car. Not only video recording, but the Dash Cams also comes with a G-Sensor, which reacts to sudden collision and shaking of a vehicle. Your belongings are safe inside the car if you have a Dash Cam installed on your vehicle.

A recent incident of an Uber driver being harassed by a couple of female riders went viral. The driver was able to catch the incident with a Dash Cam installed on the dashboard. He uploaded the video online, and now those females are being charged for bullying and harassing. 

2. USB car charger

Is your phone draining out of battery and can’t find an electric board to charge your phone? A USB car charger is a savior while you travel long distances without a power bank. There are a variety of USB car chargers available on the market that can simultaneously charge two devices. Some USB car chargers come with 65 Watt fast charging support for owners who want to charge their phones faster. 

Now with a USB car charger, you can easily handle urgent work and documents even if you are running out on the battery. 

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3. Bluetooth Transmitter

For people who don’t have Bluetooth in their car and want the capability of playing wireless through their cars, the Bluetooth transmitter is the exact accessory you need. The Bluetooth transmitter makes your vehicle smarter in getting GPS audio, Radio, and many more wirelessly through the car’s speaker. 

You can simply plug the transmitter into the socket in the car’s compartment and get started. Now, connect your phone with Bluetooth and start playing the music. You won’t feel any lag in most premium Bluetooth transmitters; however, there could be an exception in your case. Moreover, you can either control Radio and music through the transmitter or use the vehicle console as the master controller.

4. Night Vision

You never know what’s hidden in the darkness. Of course, every car has a headlight to illuminate enough distances. What if animals happen to cross the road at a distance when you are at full speed? The consequences can get even worse if you encounter late-night walkers. With the number of surprises hidden in the darkness, we get to use night vision in our car in advance. 

Night vision holds the infrared camera system that can detect any obstacles ahead of you during nighttime. It can also detect the potential object and point out its dashboard, alerting you from potential accidents a hundred yards ahead.

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5. Jump Starters

Jump Starters, as the name suggests, can jump-start the dead battery of your car. The emergency kit placed under the boot of your car can result in life-savior if your car dies at nowhere. It has two clippers which are expected to be clipped on the battery of your car respectively. Crank open the starter and the battery charges. You can get the jump starters as cheap as $100 online. 

Not only vehicle batteries, but some jump starters also have a separate slot to charge your mobile and accessories.

The list of car add-ons can go on and on. Here, we are committed to research and provide the best car accessories to our readers. We believe the information mentioned earlier eventually comes as a great help down the road.

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