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Do you feel overwhelmed trying to pick something to write about for your business blog? So many options to choose from, where do you start? Well, we got you covered!

Just follow along with 10 of the most popular business blog ideas for you to write about!

1. Current Trends

Writing about current trends is always a good standby article for business blog ideas. It’s a topic that could be a monthly feature. People are always looking for new trends to hop onto or take advantage of.

This is especially true for SEO. A professional SEO consultant can hone in on emerging trends before they happen. This is an amazing advantage in the industry.

2. Industry News

Industry news is an evergreen topic for blogs. Whether it’s daily reports or weekly roundups, you’ll always have eyes on your blog if you do it right. Find a niche industry, or just find a new twist on reporting the usual suspects.

3. Make a How-To Post

How-To posts are great new business blog ideas. They’re easy to write and go viral on the regular. Try not to do how-to posts on easy topics unless you have a funny twist.

4. Talk About Customer Stories

Does your business have a popular product? Then get satisfied customers to write down their stories! Customer stories and testimonials are usually popular posts, and a good story could bring eyes back to your site for the next post.

5. Post a Product Report

A product report post is a great starter post for a new business blog, especially if the product is yours. Be specific about its features and uses, but be sure to make note if the product is yours. Honesty will bring more eyes to your blog!

6. Write a Tutorial

Writing a tutorial is different than writing a how-to. A how-to is usually barebones and very light on explanation. A tutorial, though, should be in-depth, not afraid to get into the weeds about a subject.

7. Talk About Industry Myths

Everyone likes to see a myth busted. A post busting the most popular myths of your industry will draw people in. Especially if your article is dynamic and has a sense of fun about it.

8. Do a Yearly Roundup

The big brother of the weekly roundup, a yearly roundup is a higher level and can help identify trends currently at work in the industry. With a yearly roundup, statistics can be brought to the fore to give a good breakdown of what worked and what didn’t. A lot of businesses have built a brand on their yearly roundup posts!

9. Make a Video Blog

Video is everything today. A video blog can make a post feel more personal to the blog’s visitors. A video blog can also bring your business’ culture to the fore, which many companies have used to their advantage.

10. Host a Product Give Away

There’s no better way to get eyes on your business blog than the promise of free stuff. If successful, your giveaway has the potential to bring a lot of eyes to your blog. Just make the giveaway interesting and fun, and the visitors will come!

Business Blog Ideas For Your Website!

There are so many blog ideas out there for businesses to use. This is just a sampling of the most popular types. Whatever business blog ideas you try, make them dynamic and interesting, and your reading will always come back!

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