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Vinyl sales and CD sales were both about even in 2021 with both selling right around 40 million copies per year. The meteoric resurgence of public interest in vinyl could be about to mirror itself in the CD market as hipsters take notice.

Getting your important albums copied via CD duplication could be your ticket to setting yourself up with invaluable collectibles in the future! With the advent of streaming services, the world has seemed to have forgotten the humble CD.

This could very well be the calm before the storm as history often repeats itself. Vinyl caught a major second wind recently, and so will CDs. Here are 5 reasons why you need to duplicate your CDs before this happens.

1. People Will Get Sick of Streaming

People are beginning to realize that with streaming services you never own your music. You must pay subscription fees each month to borrow access to a service’s library. If you stop paying, you lose access.

It is already clear that people enjoy having something they can hold in their hands like a vinyl record. As streaming companies get more expensive and commercialized, CDs will rise in popularity. You should copy yours before this starts to happen.

2. CD Duplication Is Cheap

It doesn’t cost very much money to duplicate CDs en masse if you use a professional service. Buying blank CDs and burning them on your own CD duplication machine is expensive and time-consuming.

Your much better bet is to click for CD duplication to find a CD duplication service that can duplicate all of your CDs for you. Whether you are selling them commercially or using them for a collection, this is your best option.

3. You Can Sell Copies One Day

While the original versions of many CDs will be the most valuable, copies one day may increase in value as well. This is especially true for rare CDs that have hard-to-find recordings.

Find a company that specializes in CD duplication and packaging so that you can get a nice finished product that people will be willing to spend money on. You can also get some DVD duplication done to get additional collectibles.

4. You Can Backup Your Collection

If you have a valuable or potentially valuable CD, you don’t want to risk ruining it by listening to it. Your car stereo can scratch CDs and even a home stereo system takes its toll. Your CDs will be more valuable unopened as well.

Your best bet is to backup your valuable collection with copies and listen to them. That way you can put your originals in a safe place where you won’t break or lose them.

5. You Won’t Have to Buy Equipment

A CD DVD duplicator is expensive, and you will also have to have some other sorts of specialized equipment if you want a final copy quality CD complete with a jewel case and booklet.

If you don’t duplicate CDs very often, it doesn’t make sense to purchase brand new equipment. A much better bet is to search “CD duplication near me,” and find a service that can handle the duplication process for you.

Duplicate Your Collection Today

The resurgence of the CD craze is right around the corner. Just as vinyl became popular over the last few years, CDs will once again have their heyday as well. Prepare for this now by taking advantage of CD duplication services.

Use the information in this guide to find the best CD duplication service in your immediate area. Then get all (or some) of your collection duplicated in anticipation of future increases in valuation.

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