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5 Tips on Choosing a Screen Recording Software

On Windows, you can use the free screen recorder to record your screen. But, if you get a third party screen recorder, you will be able to access more features. There are lots of software companies making screen recording software, and you have to choose carefully to find the right one that can fit your needs. The following are 5 tips on how to choose a screen recording software.

1. Do Research on the Top List

Firstly, you have to know which screen recorder software is currently the best. Your search for best screen recorder on Google, and you will see a lot of top lists in the search result. You can go through the list and read the short reviews of each of the program. The list usually will put the pros and cons of each program and the prices. There are screenshots to show how the user interface look like. In review sites like TechRadar, you can often find links to longer reviews at the end of the short review of the program in the top list. If you have no time to read the long reviews, you can go to YouTube and search for a video review on the screen recorder software.

2. Test Drive the Trial Version

When you found a screen recorder software you like, you can visit the official site and download the trial. The trial may have limited features, but it should be sufficient for checking whether it suits your needs. Look at the control panel and see if it incorporate access to the most important features like presets, mouse cursor options, record button, and settings. The screen recorder should have a built-in video editor that you can use to edit the screencast such as add text, add a filter, enhance the coloration, and remove excess clips.

3. Read Customer Reviews

The next step is to read the customer reviews on the screen recorder software. You can find customer reviews by searching for screen recorder program name + user reviews. Some of the places where you can read the customer reviews on the screen recorder program are Softonic and CNET. It will give you some ideas on what to expect on the video capture software as you go through the positive and negative reviews. The more sites you can find to read the user reviews, the better it will be for you to confirm whether it is a trustworthy screen recorder software.

4. Purchasing Software Licenses for Each Computer

You also have to consider how many computers you want to install the software on. This is because of some screen recorders sell-by per license. For example, if you’re going to install the same screen recorder program on two computers, you have to purchase two licenses. There may be discounts when you buy multiple licenses. There is also other software like Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for Mac that allows you to install the software on unlimited computers for a single flat fee price.

Paid screen recorder is best for people who want to make commercial screencasts. If you’re going to record a screencast for personal purpose, it is recommended that you download the unlicensed free versions. There are open-source screen recorders like Handbrake that you can use to make commercial screencast, but the program is usually complex and not easy to use for beginners.

5. Availability to Online Tutorials

The developer should provide a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the screen recorder online. The tutorials will enable you to learn how to use each and every feature of the screen recorder so that you can make full use of it for your project. Usually, if they do provide tutorials, it will be accessible on their official site. You can read their tutorials and see if they are clear and easy to understand. It should have screenshots or videos so that you can follow up on the instruction.

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